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Category: Reflections

Apocalypse Now

By KS Nayar Critics accuse most scientists of being a bunch of crazy people who make scary prognostications. What they think outside the box is often described as alarming like their recent warning about the impending end of the...

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Mind reading

By KS Nayar We see big companies go down in dust. They vanish from stock-market monitors and public memory. Most have their carefully crafted strategic growth plans go up in smoke. It’s intriguing why some companies keep firing...

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If you are not on Facebook, you are likely to be ostracised by friends and community. You are considered an outcast and ignored. Today, the online social network is an integral part of human existence. From prime ministers to...

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The Tough Gets Going

By KS Nayar When there is a market slump, the CEO’s budget axe falls first on the advertising spend. It’s viewed as a dispensable luxury. No board member will blame him for that. It’ll be considered a desperate attempt to cut...

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