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Category: Reflections – KS Nayar

Advertise and flourish

Often people wonder how magazines, particularly print publications, survive in the age of Internet. Online editions are expanding along with Internet proliferation. There is no doubt print readership is steadily declining....

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Existential threat

Reflecting on the current global trends – from our personal conduct to corporate behaviors – I feel that there are several emerging issues that influence our growth and evolution. There is no doubt that we are going through a...

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Liquid workforce

A friend recently presented me with a state-of-the-art smartphone. He said it is like carrying my entire computer on the palm. It’ll allow me to communicate with instantaneously through WhatsApp. He demonstrated how I can find...

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You are not in the race for “excellence” if you are not smart. To run successful institutions, you need smart people, smart colleague and smart office. And you should choose to work out of smart cities. Smart city has as its...

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 I wish to call my boss Superman. He is the only person I know of who can proudly be described in that superlative. The first party that I was invited to was to celebrate his 45th birthday. That was several years ago. In...

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Corporate spirituality

By KS Nayar A friend, regular visitor to a spiritual leader, asked the holy man what was the most essential leadership quality needed to run successful companies. He replied that it’s a commitment to ‘be good and do good.’ I...

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