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Author: Pramod Thomas

HF’s mixing room systems attracted visitors at Tire Technology Expo

The solution for integrated automation of mixing room systems and intelligent process technology from the HF Mixing Group was at the centre of interest at the recently concluded Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. With its Advise system, the HF Mixing Group provides a modular, scalable system for automating mixing rooms. All areas of the mixing room are included, starting with the inventory management of raw materials in the warehouse, going to the manual weighing of small chemicals, the fully automated weighing of bulk material, the control of the mixing process, downstream equipment such as open mills and single-...

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Nokian Tyres celebrates the 120th anniversary; to expand outside traditional market

The world’s northernmost tyremaker Nokian Tyres is celebrating 120 years in business in 2018. Since 1898, the company has grown into a world-class business that looks to the future ready to tackle the opportunities provided by a changing world. “We can only remain at the top of the industry through constant development and improvement. This means expanding outside of the traditional winter tyre market and investing in services that make it even easier to take care of your tyres. We intend to continue our systematic and sustainable work towards developing innovative solutions and retain our ability to quickly and...

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This tyre can interact with driver assistance systems!

Pirelli has introduced its Cyber Car technology at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. It enables the tyre to directly interact with the car’s onboard electronics and with driver assistance systems, delivering important information about the car’s operation to ensure a safer drive with enhanced performance. The new system will be in the market by 2018-end. The Cyber Car is the latest application of Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies platform launched in 2002 with the aim of providing maximum integration between tyres, cars and drivers. Placing sensors in the tyres is an integral part of Pirelli’s Perfect fit strategy, focussed on...

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Yokohama offers stock compensation plan

Yokohama Rubber Company will propose a restricted stock compensation plan at the 142nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the company to be held on March 29, 2018. The introduction of a compensation system that allots shares in the Company with restricted transfer rights to the Company’s members of the Board (excluding outside members) is planned to share with other shareholders the merits and risks of share price fluctuations. In addition, the Plan will be implemented in light of Japan’s 2016 tax reform measures related to the timing of income tax on corporate executives. The Company’s 137th Ordinary General...

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Yokohama’s iceGUARD iG60 studless tyre to begin the overseas journey

Introduced in Japan in September 2017, Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd will begin overseas sales of iceGUARD iG60 studless tyre for passenger cars, on overseas markets from this autumn. Initially, the sales will take place in Northern Europe and Russia and will expand to Asia and Europe. The tyre will be available in 102 sizes, ranging from 265/35R19 94Q to 135/80R13 70Q. The Company also has plans to expand the lineup of available tyre sizes. The company said that development of the iceGUARD iG60 aimed at raising the tyre’s wet performance as well as sharply enhancing braking on ice—the most...

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