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Not waste, but commodity

The South African government’s ground-breaking tyre recycling and disposal programme is not only contributing to the cleaning up of the environment but it’s also generating US$70 million in annual revenues. The Integrated Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan, being implemented by the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA), has already gained global recognition. It utilises a sizeable chunk of the revenue thus generated to develop a sustainable tyre recycling industry in the country. CEO of the non-profit organisation Hermann Erdmann says REDISA is unique not only in Africa, but globally. The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of...

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Giti Tire – Hanover, Germany

Giti Tire, Hanover, Germany, For its newly established R&D Center Europe headquartered in Hanover, Germany, Giti Tire is looking for dedicated team players for the following positions: Tread Compound Developer As an expert in tread compounds, you are responsible for the development of new compounds. In the role of project manager you will conduct relevant projects and work in close cooperation with our international teams. You give important input into the continuous improvement of Giti’s products. Therefore you are also in contact with suppliers, to include the latest innovations in the field of raw materials in their development. Tire Development Engineer You will develop high-performance tires for the European vehicle manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of original-equipment customers, as well as international and internal standards. You will guide development projects in close cooperation with our international teams. The range of activities includes the specification of test tires, evaluating test results and technical coordination meetings with the OEM customers as well as introducing approved tires into production. You have successfully completed a technical degree, such as automotive or mechanical engineering, and have extensive experience in the management of development projects for the European original equipment. In addition you have experience in dealing with original-equipment customers. Benchmark Engineer As a technical expert of the European tire market you will determine the technical level of competitor tires. Based on this information you are...

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The Price Challenge

The rubber world is not going to be the same in the future, if the price fall of NR prolongs as predicted by experts. The indications are that NR prices will fall further and stay low till 2020. After the strong recovery in 2010-2011 and the sustained growth that followed, the global tyre industry has now entered into yet another phase of slowdown. The European tyre market, in particular, has contracted substantially and is in a state of crisis. The US saw zero growth during 2012, while China saw its volumes increase and is projecting further increase in 2013. China now dominates the global tyre manufacturing sector, making more car and truck tyres than any other country. Yet, the scenario in most of the economies is that of slow growth. It is against this backdrop, the prolonged price fall in NR has been predicted by renowned rubber market experts including Dr Hidde P Smit, former Secretary General of the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), and Dr Prachaya Jumpasut of the UK-based Rubber Economist. According to Dr Smit, prices may nosedive even below Rs US$ 2 a kg in the coming years with no major recovery likely until the turn of the decade. They attribute the price fall to the increased volume of NR flowing into the market surpassing the actual demand, consequent on massive re-plantations and new plantations undertaken...

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Peering into the Future

Tyre engineers are focusing on ways to reduce weight and improve rolling resistance in the context of the changes in vehicle technologies. Tyres will have a pivotal role in OEMs’ vehicle improvement goals, says Dr. James A Popio, General Manager and Director of Engineering at Ohio-based Smithers Rapra’s Ravenna Laboratory. At its three-day conference themed Future of Tire Technology in October, delegates will deliberate on issues such as alternative tyre materials and construction to determine an ideal mix of cost, durability and fuel efficiency. Technologists and executives will also debate the industry’s future, including solutions to the stressors on...

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Treading New Frontiers

There is far too much scepticism about what futurists think of developments in vehicles, tyres and sustainable mobility. One cannot dismiss their forecasts as wishful thinking. The tyre and automobile industry is at an inflection point. Top tyre researchers, and those who watch developmental trends, caution that it is perilous to ignore the frenetic technological changes that are shaping the very future of transportation. At a time when auto sales are scaling new heights, tyre makers have no choice but to innovate in order to keep up with the pace in vehicle developments. Change is the only constant, and...

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