Plastic ban will not affect rain guarding: Rubber Board

Plastic ban will not affect rain guarding: Rubber Board

The proposed government ban on plastic will not affect rain guarding and making of polybag plants, said Rubber Board.

“The ban is on plastic items of less than 50 micron thickness, referred to as single-use plastic items. The plastic used for rain guarding has a thickness of 75 microns (300 gauge). They are continuously used for several months and so cannot be categorised as a single use product and as such rain guarding plastic material is not included in the list of items banned by Govt. of Kerala and certain other State Governments as per the criteria currently fixed,” said the board in a statement.

Polybags used for making polybag planting materials also have a thickness of 75-100 microns. The ban on single use plastic was announced by Prime Minister aimed at phasing out single use plastic by 2022. The ban will be effected in Kerala from 01 January 2020. Government has specified the items to be banned which include carry bags regardless of thickness, sheets, cooling film, plates, cups, thermocol and styrofoam, cups, plates, spoons, forks, straws, dishes, stirrers, flags, water pouches, juice packets, drinking bottles (less than 300 ml), garbage bag, PVC Flex Materials and packets made of plastic. However, plastics manufactured for export, plastics used in the health care industry and materials made from compostable plastics etc. are exempted from the ban.

According to UN Environment Report, single-use plastics (also referred to as disposable plastics) are commonly used for plastic packaging and these include items intended to be used once before they are thrown away or recycled.

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