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Zeppelin to showcase innovations at K 2019 Trade Fair

Zeppelin to showcase innovations at K 2019 Trade Fair

Zeppelin Group will present perfectionised products across the board from October 16 to 23 at the 2019 K fair for Plastics and Rubber in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“Starting from silos down to new automation concepts, we have basically developed innovation in every single product area to ensure even more efficiency during plant operations”, says Zeppelin CEO Rochus Hofmann. “We adapt
and enhance our products and processes based on market needs. Hence, the products presented cover a redesign of our standard components, an entirely new generation of mixers, down to new recycling and plant digitization technologies”, he says.

Diverter valves, rotary feeders and silos are vital to the economical operation of logistics facilities. Zeppelin Systems, global leader in silo construction – has established a brand-new welding technology, a true game changer in the industry, allowing them to deliver their customers even higher and consistent quality, along with significantly
reduced delivery times.

Shorter plant downtimes automatically increase productivity. Zeppelin has therefore developed a new AIRFOIL tool in order to drastically reduce cleaning costs. The wing-shaped mixer arm together with so-called winglets, which have been used in aviation for years to reduce air resistance, generate a very low resistance during the mixing process.

Zeppelin has developed a system which significantly increases the ability to reutilize plastics. This system allows the use of recycled goods even for the most sophisticated applications. “This new system is a really important steps towards sustainability in the industry”, explains Rochus Hofmann. “Our users can return raw materials back into the cycle even during demanding tasks, or exploit new and sustainable resources”, he adds.

In order to operate systems at maximum efficiency, Zeppelin provides their customers an automation and digitization platform which offers its users the full scope of possibilities of process planning and controlling in a digitized world. This is a new and open automation platform which, on top of being digital, is also more connectable, scalable and flexible than previous control systems.

Zeppelin continues to put their money on state-of-the-art engineering tools for turnkey plants. Zeppelin
lives up to the requirement that the time between the decision for the investment is made and the actual commissioning can be even further reduced. One of Zeppelin’s digitalization concept applications allows plant operators to use services within a matter of seconds. This is made possible by the “Connect” service tool which enables operators to retrieve all relevant data from the machine and establish contact to the service centre – with a single click. Forward service planning, too, is possible – leading to reduced downtimes thus higher plant productivity, says the company.

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