Vredestein’s bicycle tyre bags Eurobike Award 2019

Vredestein’s bicycle tyre bags Eurobike Award 2019

Vredestein’s Fortezza Flower Power bicycle tyre won Eurobike Award in the Eurobike exhibition year. The new tyre has been produced through a unique new technique using rubber extracted from dandelion roots.

Announcing the Eurobike Award for the Fortezza Flower Power, the jury commented: “This limited edition bicycle tyre is produced from the Russian dandelion. Not only does the rubber offer enhanced performance, it also scores highly in terms of sustainability.”

Originally initiated through the DRIVE4EU project in 2017, Vredestein and Keygene, a company specialised in the genetic improvement of plants and crops, joined forces to further develop a special rubber compound for Vredestein’s Fortezza Flower Power. Testing by the independent Wheel Energy Laboratory has shown that the new ‘dandelion rubber’ is superior to the traditional type used in bicycle tyres, ensuring lower rolling resistance and stronger grip on wet roads.

Vredestein has since industrialised the product and offered a limited edition of 250 Fortezza Flower Power tyres in size 25/622 to customers, each marked with unique numbers and presented in a special giftbox.




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