Next-gen e-bike tyres from Vredestein

Next-gen e-bike tyres from Vredestein

Vredestein has introduced a next-generation tyre for e-bikes with the Italian design house Italdesign Giugiaro. The official launch of the tyre will take place at the Eurobike exhibition in September 2019. Vredestein is famed for its many years of experience in silica mixing and processing. The technology of using different compounds in the central and shoulder tread – dubbed ‘Tricomp’ – was first introduced in 1993, and played a major part in one of the tyre’s first users winning the gold medal during that year’s UCI Road World Championships in Oslo. From that moment onwards, the ‘Tricomp’ became a key technology in providing better grip and handling in different weather conditions.

The V-shape actually helps to slightly deform the rubber and allows for superior water discharge. Combined with the silica-rich compound, this enables the tyre to adapt to a wide range of road conditions. By giving the Icon a multi-compound silica tread on top of its balloon casing, Vredestein achieved a lower rolling resistance and excellent grip during braking, cornering and accelerating. Given the evolution and increased power and speed of today’s e-bikes, these factors are crucial for safety at high speeds.

The Icon has a V-shaped semi-slick tread pattern. While slick tyres may give the impression of being more slippery than tyres with a more pronounced tread, this is not the case in reality: for two-wheelers, more rubber in contact with the road simply means a better grip. Combined with the silica-rich compound, this enables the tyre to adapt to a wide range of road conditions, said the company.

The Icon is ECE R75 certified and has excellent puncture protection. It is available in three sizes: 55-559 (26 x 2.20), 55-584 (27.5 x 2.20) and 50-622 (28 x 2.00).

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