Marangoni Meccanica appoints CEO, expands board

Two months have passed since Marangoni Meccanica changed hands, exiting the Marangoni Group with € 10 million recapitalisation from the new local partners: The Finanziaria Trentina, Alpenring, the financial Company from South Tyrol, and Caran.
“Two intense months,” said President Giorgio Marangoni, “in which the various company processes were fully taken up and brought back up to speed to satisfy a series of orders coming from the big tyres companies from all over the world”.
The new partners and the new Board of Directors (Marangoni, Fedrizzi and Oberrauch) have rolled up their sleeves immediately and have taken steps to restart, “which meant fulfilling previous commitments, reactivating relations with banks and suppliers, reassuring the workers about the seriousness of the industrial project and starting again quickly without waste more time, because customers are a primary value and cannot wait” says Philipp Oberrauch.
” Marangoni Meccanica”, continues the DirectorLa Finanziaria Trentina,recently appointed CEO of La Finanziaria Trentina, “has a very special financial cycle, which does not require large amounts of capital but which requires continuous assistance from the banks for the advance and performance guarantees. The wind is changing and we have managed to reactivate some relationships with banks of primary national standing and with a South Tyrolean bank, now we await the others ”.

The Board of Directors expanded
“The circle closed on August 20, just 60 days after the recapitalization” continues President Marangoni “with the enlargement of the Council in which valuable local industrial skills and a third figure, identified by the shareholders and to whom it was entrusted, entered the operational guide and the development of the company, given its international experience”.
The Board of Directors of Marangoni Meccanica has therefore grown to 7 members and was joined by Antonello Briosi, President of Metalsistem, a leading company in automated industrial shelving which exports its products all over the world, Enzo Paoli, President and CEO of Karl Mayer Rotal, a historic company of the Rotaliana belonging to the German group Kalr Mayer, operating in the construction of textile machinery (sizing machines and Denim) and Giorgio Oss Papot, entrepreneur of Vallagarina, who after having sold his own company a decade ago, now makes his experience available in what was his first work experience, Marangoni Meccanica, where he was employed at the beginning of his career.

The Chief Executive Officer
“So many skills, from industrial to financial ones that lacked only the organizational and strategic”, concludes Fedrizzi ” and for this reason we relied on a manager with proven experience as” Riccardo Mastronardi “who with a past in McKinsey (American company world leader in strategic, consulting) and many years spent in China driving the Piaggio plant, can now definitively re-launch the company “.
“We have known each other for a short time but we immediately appreciated his clear and independent vision, typical of a manager, already used in the past to lead businesses in worldwide markets” continues Oberrauch.
“I am honored by the trust shown to me by new members, entrusting me with the management of a historic and glorious company like Marangoni Meccanica SpA and I am extremely confident and proud to be part of it right now, at the start of this new course,” says Mastronardi.
“I have already had the chance, during these first days, to experience first-hand, to my great satisfaction, the passion, the obsession for the quality in our products, the attachment to the company and the excellent level of skills of the people who works here. I am convinced that the key to our success lies precisely in the quality of our people and in our ability to work as a true team, where the key objective for all, is the satisfaction of our customers and the success of the company” concludes Mastronardi.

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