ICAT: Tyre testing excellence

ICAT: Tyre testing excellence

Tyre is one of the crucial and safety critical components for automobile world. Tyre performance and tyre mechanics are very significant in determining vehicle mileage, driving, handling and safety of automotives. ICAT is developing centre for excellence of tyre with their expertise in tyre testing and analysis.

ICAT understands the importance and legislative demands for tyre and assists automotive industry, OEMs & Consultancy service providers with tyre testing to understand tyre performance and lifetime expectations. Extensive physical testing of tyres in our tyre testing lab is supported by Tyre Traction Trailer (TTT) and Test Tracks service.

ICAT’s Tyre Test Lab (TTL) is NABL (ISO 17025) Accredited and approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). TTL is providing services related to Type Approval & Conformity of Production of Tyres as per AIS:037 (CMVR). Apart from this, the tyre test lab is providing services of Tyre Testing of samples submitted by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Indian & Foreign Tyre Manufacturers for the inclusion of particular tyre sizes in their prevailing BIS Licenses.

ICAT has transformed this lab into Centre of Excellence (COE) by developing new capabilities including the installation of Dual Station Endurance Test Rig and Tyre Rolling Resistance Test Rig (alinged with Euroean refernce lab UTAC, France) as per ECE R117& AIS:142.

Tyre Testing Lab provides services related to Certification and Development testing of tyres as per Indian standards, International Standards & customer’s defined test standards. The following is the gist of core services of the lab;

1. Tyre Testing of BIS Samples as per IS:15627, IS:15633 & IS:15636.
2. Testing of Tyres for inclusion in BIS License (for foreign & Indian tyre manufacturers)
3. Tyre Testing as per ECE Regulations (ECE R30 ,R54 & R75) and GSO Standards.
4. Rolling Resistance Measurement (Torque Method: C1, C2 & C3 category of Tyre) as per AIS:142, ECE R117 & ISO Standards.
5. This is pertinent to note that Indian Government is planning to implement Star Rating of Tyre (in line with Tyre Labeling in Europe). ICAT’s Tyre Testing facility will play crucial role to support Tyre Manufacturer and Automobile industry by conducting the requested testing (Rolling Resistance Test, Wet Grip Measurement & Tyre Rolling Sound) as per Indian Standards strategically.

ICAT believes to provide 24×7 services to customer to meet their timeline.

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