Giti achieves success in 2019 Silk Way Rally

Giti achieves success in 2019 Silk Way Rally

Giti Tire was able to overcome extreme conditions throughout three countries to achieve success in the 2019 Silk Way Rally with two vehicles with all-terrain tyres. Over 10 days, 10 stages, and across three countries Giti’s Toyota Hilux vehicles traversed. From the coniferous forests of East Siberia in Russia to the vast grasslands of Mongolia, to the magnificent sand mountains of the Chinese Gobi Desert – the Silk Way Rally took place over 5,008 km. Giti took on the wide competition of the field to achieve 13th place overall and fourth place in group T1.

For the first time, Giti Tire took part in the Silk Road Rally race, leading its all-terrain cross-country Giti4x4 AT70 and GitiCompete Desert1 tires throughout the journey. Escorted by two groups of motorcades and fighting against the Silk Road, the teams aimed to test the quality of its products through rigorous competition.

The rally started from Irkuzk near Lake Baikal, crossing Mongolia from north to south, while setting up a race camp in Ulaanbaatar. The race then entered China, challenging the famous Badan Mountain and Gobi Desert. Finally, the closing ceremony was held in Dunhuang.

Throughout the consecutive bad road conditions, the Giti Team with broke through in the Siberian Mountains and successfully completed the race with Wu Bin and Qiao Xu. After the race, driver Lian Wubin remarked that Giti’s AT70 tyre withstood the tests of the road conditions, and was pleasantly surprised about its superior performance, especially on tough mountain roads.

Utilizing a special tread block design, multi-tread combination technology, and unique casing technology with piercing resistance, the Giti4x4 AT70 has a three-tier casing, enhanced sidewall, with strengthened grip on off-road surfaces. Its special 3.5 mm guardrail type anti-friction strip also helps the tire bounce off rubble and reduce wear and tear while driving on bad roads. In order to combat the rugged cross-country road conditions, Giti also adjusted the formula when developing the AT70, increasing the content of natural rubber, and improving the tear resistance of rubber, providing strong support for the drivers in the Silk Way Rally.


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