Strive for innovation; Prepare for future — PS2A TBM

Strive for innovation; Prepare for future — PS2A TBM

PS2A is an intelligent and efficient Uni-stage PCR tyre building machine based on the latest modularization and standardisation platform of MESNAC.

Based on intelligent manufacturing, the integration of intelligent control and machinery has been upgraded. Make the product smart connected, high-quality and efficient, agile process and easy to use these four aspects of outstanding features.

Smart interconnection

The whole equipment runs through the idea of information closed-loop collection and comprehensive application analysis. It is a large-span domain in which big data’s idea is applied in the product of molding machine. The data collection and analysis can guide the feedback tyre factory to make targeted improvement and optimisation, and to upgrade and simplify 85% of the plant management in an all-round way.

High quality & efficient

Advanced synchronisation algorithm, PID control, MCCS correction, intelligent fixed length, etc., greatly improve the process adaptability to multi-specification products, and give better play to the performance of the equipment. No human intervention, greatly reduced the quality of the product fluctuation. The above can improve the overall quality of tire products by about 5%;

High competitive tire production efficiency, excellent product stability, is the guarantee of high production capacity;

Cycle time 35.5S (185 65/R15)
Daily production: 1609 piece
Production per shift: 585 piece
Production per hour: 84 piece

Agile process

Through the development of modular platform, PS2A has formed a family product network, which enables customers to customise the common process requirements, covering the RFT,SLS,SOT,TOS, variable JLB tension winding and other production processes. In combination with Mesnac’s refined process intelligent control, it meets the market 95% of the special process requirements.

Easy to use

Intelligent full-range specification management (through the synchronous optimisation of mechanical structure and control, the application of full-range belt drum, belt layer transfer ring and tyre pre-setting, the intelligent adjustment of specifications is realised, and the adjustment time of specifications is shortened by 70%. Reduced plant demand for maintenance personnel, but also increased the effective working time of equipment, increased equipment overall income of more than 5%)

In order to ensure the efficiency of the client, Mesnac achieved 6 days to complete the installation of the tyre site speed;

In terms of material types, the company has reduced the number of materials by 51% compared with the previous generation models, and the optimal materials have greatly improved the stability of the equipment and greatly reduced the size of the spare parts library. Combined with the above results, Mesnac finally achieved the goal of reducing the invisible cost by 30% in the course of operation.

PS2A is committed to the continuous development of innovation through excellence, driving the continuous progress of industry equipment, constantly providing customers with the best quality products and services.

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