Prodicon reaches 500% sales increase in 2019

Prodicon reaches 500% sales increase in 2019

Numbers speak clearly for Prodicon, the Italian company specialised in cooling processes for rubber mixing rooms. More than 40 years of know-how in planning, designing, manufacturing, delivering equipment for the rubber industry, resulted in more than 1000 installations in 50 countries worldwide. After joining the Steinl Group, a family-owned German company serving the global Rubber Industry for more than 50 years, Prodicon has access to its global network.

What are the advantages which allowed Prodicon to achieve an increase of +500% of sales in 2019 in the Indian market?

Prodicon today is the preferred supplier of the 5 largest tyre producers in the world, says Cesare Frigerio, Prodicon Technical Director, providing an in-depth understanding of mixing room processes. Based on this expertise and our innovation driven approach, we develop tailor-made machines to fulfill the demanding needs of the Indian tyre makers, he says.

He added: As an example for our innovation, Prodicon introduced the bar distance of 100/125 mm versus the standard in India of 150/200 mm, which results in a cooling line with either significant more cooling performance or only 2/3 of the length of the standard Indian Batch Off machine.

Another example is the Hot and Cold sample testing capability of our Batch Offs. While, in some applications in India, cold sampling has been introduced before, the concept of hot sampling is new to the market and delivers quick Rheometer results of the rubber Quality, before the rubber batch reaches the end of the Batch Off machine – the amount of space required and the risks of quarantine areas along with manual interventions are significantly reduced with this testing method.

Another important innovation is the use of elevators to transport pallets with sheets to different levels in the Mixing Rooms. This elevator saves a second packer stacker and hence reduces investment cost and maintenance efforts significantly.

What is the importance of operating safety for a typical Prodicon machine?

The highest level of efficiency and safety for operators go hand in hand in our engineering approach, Frigerio points out. Prodicon develops BO machines that run 24 hrs /day 7 days /week without manual intervention in a full automatic process. This allows us to completely protect operators from any moving parts in the machine and thus guarantees the highest safety standards in the world.

Another equally important element in this 360° engineering process, is design for maintenance. Long cycles between exchanging components (in case of bearings lifetime greasing capability), easy and quick accessibility of key areas, in general parts used at the machine are either galvanized, painted or made of stainless steel, following TPM principles is an important engineering task.

How do you compete in the Indian market with your machines in terms of quality/ price?

Alberto Ballabio, Prodicon Sales Director, said: Prodicon ensures the best total cost proposition. Our existing customers in India confirm that after 3 years of operation, the additional cost of a Prodicon machine versus a low tech machine, at the time of purchase is amortised through lower maintenance costs (reliablity of Prodicon machines reach more than 98%), and minumum costs of production interruption. As the typical lifetime expectation of a Prodicon machine is more than 20 years, the total cost of a low tech Batch Off machine with an initially lower price tag is significantly higher than the total cost of ownership for a Prodicon Batch Off.

How do you ensure service to the Indian tyre manufacturers during the development of the project and also during the startup of the machines?

At the beginning of each project, we typically have a 1 day onsite workshop with our clients in which we analyse the existing process and make recommendations for an improved process, he said. After a short development phase of 4 to 6 weeks, a layout and a principle design are presented to the client, comprising best in class engineering practices into the tailor made concept. As far as the startup phase of our machines is concerned, we offer the clients the full service of a turn-key operation or supervision only with experts. During production Prodicon offers the full range of aftersales services.

Is Prodicon also serving the traditional rubber manufacturers?

For the general rubber manufacturers we can offer similar innovations such as the endless strip densely packed on a pallet or into a gitterbox.

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