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HF Mixing Group presents future of Mixing Room solutions

HF Mixing Group strategy clearly has a focus for mixing room systems all delivered out of one hand. Rather than the delivery of individual machinery for mixing applications, the market requires a concept for entire system solutions which not only include machines and modules, but also automation and all the auxiliary products which are integrated into a system. The HF Mixing Group’s strategy is to provide complete and sustainable mixing solution.

The HF Mixing group intensively deals with the future requirements of the markets which play a major role in the development of mixing processes and equipment. Versatility is one of the key features of the mixers of the future. Tomorrows recipes in the mixing process will be demanding – variations of fill factor, rotor speed, ram pressure, ram position, thermal boundaries and procedures allow to solve nearly all requirements of today’s recipes.

In addition, the HF Mixing Group provides with its new generation of automation system, the new ADVISE 4.0, a modular, scalable system for automating mixing rooms and intelligent process technology. All areas of the mixing room are included and depending on requirements, individual applications can be selected and combined to create a comprehensive automation solution.

A modern mixing room generates multiple layers of data concerning raw materials, machines (IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things), process, production and intralogistics. This valuable data, when collected in a structured and intelligent manner, can allow to measure Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), achieve complete material process tractability and continuously improve quality and throughput of mixing lines. Furthermore, intelligent inventory management, detailed and highly flexible mixing process automation and intralogistics tools allow to run demand driven production that can help reduce warehouse costs and make sure the tire factory always has the final compounds it needs, when it needs them. The new ADVISE® 4.0 specialised for rubber mixing facilities enables to cover multiple production facilities from central locations. All communication takes place over secure, encrypted channels so that all data are only accessible by the people that have been selected by you. These customisable and intuitive tools are designed to help you bring your operational costs down.

With its intelligent controllers HF Mixing Group is also answering the question for more efficiency in the mixing room: the iXseal – the intelligent dust seal controller, the temperature controller iTC and the iRam, an intelligent controller for the hydraulic ram pressure and position are three examples of how HF Mixing Group can support further optimisation of the energy efficiency in the mixing room.


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