Glebus: Innovative manufacturing, reliability

Glebus: Innovative manufacturing, reliability

Glebus Alloys Group was established by the end of the 90’s. Its mission statement was clearly defined from the beginning: “Our aim is to make manufacturing a safer place for the worker and more profitable for the company by sustaining a green and clean industrial environment.”

Currently Glebus has three major product lines:

The first one has maintenance free, self-lubricated bearings, plates and bushings under the trade name/mark of CER-CBM-CERBM-CPM-G-METAL, a material that combines graphite, zinc, steel and bronze to form a single powder metal compound. This is the well-known, in the tyre industry, sliding (wear) plate material with their unique non-lube properties. Companies like Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook, Yokohama, MRF, JK Tyres, Toyo and as small as Elang Perdana or Petlas etc. have been benefiting from Glebus slide plates since 2000.

Ceramet, a Glebus subsidiary, has extensive experience in custom-made spherical or rolled bearings and bushings that companies like SMS-DEMAG, GGB, RHEIN-METAL in different industries than tires using it exclusively. The unique custom-made production of the t-guides and tread shoe slides force even Chinese tyre companies to use it.

The company employs 130 people in this field with over 40 years combined experience in tyre curing and mold handling. It takes pride in its fast, reliable and customized JIT services.

Glebus has developed new products in different areas for the container shoe, top and bottom plates, axial movements and higher loads segments. An added value is its warrantee for five years that we provide to the tyre manufacturers.

Ceramet production site, which cannot be visited due to confidentiality and patent related issues, uses a modernised sintering oven with high NH Gas Processor and CNC equipment that produce slide plates to customer drawings and specifications.

Glebus Alloys has strengthened its position in the market by acquiring CERAMET, a worldwide leading producer of sliding materials, (plates, bushings and bearings). This acquisition provided the company new market possibilities in different industries such as power engineering, steel, hydro and solar energy, etc.


Glebus Alloys is the only worldwide patent holder for the new tyre mold venting systems under the brand name Glebus Spring Vents (GSV). Glebus venting technology, was commercialised in 2010, has created endless possibilities in the rubber compound and curing world. Their unique demountable, three-piece design provides a lot of flexibility that the one-piece type is not able to match in anyway.

Glebus Alloys has created a complete new technology and support system based in this patented product. GSV to be applied need a special methodology and management commitment for precision and excellence. It starts by evaluating the current situation and status of the curing environment and continue by providing solutions how you can develop a manufacturing place for spew free tires and not as expensive in PUZZLE or PIS type molds.

Since the last 4-5 years our company develop a new method that combines both technologies (GSV and PUZZLE/PIS molds) that actually increases exponentially the productivity and decrease the maintenance cost.

Glebus Spring vents may replace existing vents (microvents-minivents) in the same position and where is a need for expensive vacuum containers or press piping or injection type segmented molds.

Glebus Spring Vents is the only “free commercial market” demountable design of spring Vent, that improves the tire appearance, decreases the downtime and lowers the maintenance cost. It is also proven that the use of the original GSV products ( and not the look alike ones from China or Korea (example MEGA INDUSTRY Co., that infringe our patent)) increases the rolling resistance and lower the tire noise due to specialized manufacturing method and coatings that we apply.

Technical teams

As said before there are companies in China and Korea that try the imitate the mechanism and features of GSV with poor results. Glebus technical team was invited quite few times to assist customers that were misled from the claims of the infringing products. Since 2018 we have a unique method that clearly identifies our production.

Glebus has three dedicated technical teams in Europe, USA and Asia that works as an immediate response to assist customer in the implementation and maintenance of the GSV venting technology.

This second product line employs 60 people with over 100 years combined experience in rubber compounding, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold cleaning and tire curing.

Glebus Alloys has G4 and G5 type spring vent. Both production technologies incorporate tighter tolerances, and different specialized coatings. This unique patented product can be found in three diameters 2.5mm, 3.00mm and 3.2mm for the tread and shoulder area as well as in sidewall. The ability to have a stem movement from 0.15mm to 0.5mm allows the spring vents to be used in summer and winter compounds.

The third product line is a new technology stemming from nanomaterial using specialised TPE-TPV. Recently Glebus Alloys bought a specialised molding production company based in Czech Republic. RGP is focused in specific industries and high-end precision thermoplastic projects.

Glebus with the assistance of the R & D department of RGP has developed in 2017-2018 a new patented WEEKLY code plug (DOT PLUG) that replace aluminum or steel plugs easier, faster and less expensive.

Currently the technology is being used or tested by the top five tyre manufacturers. This production line employs 30 people and it is fully automated. Visits to this production site are also not allowed.

Glebus invites its customers to visit its HQ in Prague, Czech Republic or Akron, Ohio, USA to discuss some new developments that the company prepares for 2020 and on.

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