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Angels on the Green Hell

The Nürburgring races are over 100 years old. It is part of Germany’s motor racing history. The track was once described as ‘Green Hell’ for the challenge it posed to drivers. This history took another turn this year when, for the first time, an all-female racing team took to the VLN Championship. The Giti Tire-backed team’s debut has been impressive

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Commanding the Giti-branded Volkswagen Golf VII GTI TCR #300 car in partnership with WS Racing, the “Girls only” squad was one of Giti’s four participating vehicles in the first VLN race of the season at Nürburgring, titled “65. ADAC Westfalenfahrt.” The all-female team had a very successful debut, overcoming foggy conditions to place second in their SP3T Class, and beat out nearly 80 other vehicles in the overall competition involving all classes. The team also achieved the fastest lap in the SP3T class at 9:21.725.

With a total of nine races, the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring is not only a true evergreen for teams and drivers at the Nürburgring. Being fan-friendly represents a top priority for the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring. The reward is motor-racing at your fingertips, as the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring offers the spectators the chance of witnessing the work of the teams during both the practice sessions and the race at close range

In addition to this successful VW Golf performance, Giti’s Audi R8 made a highly noted showing, taking second place in the SP8 category and overall placing an impressive #34 out of all 157 vehicles participating. All four Giti Tire vehicles in the race are fitted with GitiCompete GTR1 tyres in size 260/650-18, Giti’s highly successful high-speed track racing tire that is produced in both wet and dry pattern versions.

‘Giti’s Angels’

The Giti All-Female team is special, not only for the three drivers – Jasmin Preisig, Carrie Schreiner, and Ronja Assmann – but also the fact that the vehicle’s entire technical and track crew are women, bringing their motorsports strength and expertise against some of the world’s toughest competition. Led by Team Chief Ellen Lehmann, this is the first time such a team has raced in Nürburgring, and the team will look forward to continue challenging the VLN competition, as well as taking on the main 24 Hours Nürburgring event in June.

Team manager Nicole Willems summed up the feelings from the race. “This was such an emotional moment today. To be honest, the words are missing for the moment. Thanks to the girls for such a great job, and thanks to all our supporters who believed in us and in our project. I think we were able to prove to everyone that we are real competitive. I am so proud. And now we are celebrating!”

The passion of these trailblazing “Giti’s Angels” goes directly along with Giti Tire’s mission of innovation and inclusiveness, embracing drivers of all types and backgrounds to provide them the best tires for whatever type of their driving style. Giti continuously reaches out to female consumers around the world, from passenger car to truck drivers – which included sponsorship of a “Empowering Our Female Truck Drivers” campaign in 2018. In 2019, Giti will also focus special internal and external campaigns on the “Giti’s Angels” theme to recognize its female employees, drivers, and fans.

‘Green Hell’

Established in Germany during the 1920’s, Nürburgring (also known as the “Green Hell”) is one of the world’s most famous and notorious racetracks. Known for its extremely challenging track and frequent changes in weather conditions, the track provides the ultimate challenge for drivers.

Niki Lauda, world champion and only person ever to lap the full 22,835-metre (14.189 mi) Nordschleife in under seven minutes (6:58.6, 1975), proposed to the other drivers that they boycott the circuit in 1976. Lauda was not only concerned about the safety arrangements and the lack of marshals around the circuit, but did not like the prospect of running the race in another rainstorm. Usually when that happened, some parts of the circuit were wet and other parts were dry, which is what the conditions of the circuit were for that race. The other drivers voted against the idea and the race went ahead. Lauda crashed in his Ferrari coming out of the left-hand kink before Bergwerk, for causes that were never established. He was badly burned as his car was still loaded with fuel in lap 2. Lauda was saved by the combined actions of fellow drivers Arturo Merzario, Guy Edwards, Brett Lunger, and Harald Ertl, rather than by the ill-equipped track marshals.

The old Nürburgring never hosted another F1 race again, as the German Grand Prix was moved to the Hockenheimring for 1977. The German motorcycle Grand Prix was held for the last time on the old Nürburgring in 1980, also permanently moving to Hockenheim.

During 2019, it will host nine VLN races and culminate in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race on June 22-24, which routinely draws over 200,000 guests from around the world over the weekend.

To be able to take on this track requires the best drivers, best training, and best tyres. Giti Tire is proud to participate in the event for the third straight year, this year bringing a record four vehicles for each of the races.

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