Ichimaru-Giken: Valves, rubber machinery and more

Ichimaru-Giken: Valves, rubber machinery and more

Ichimaru-Giken (IG), the engineering and manufacturing company based in Japan, develops, designs, and manufactures valve for tyre curing machines and also rubber machinery for tyre manufacturing equipment. IG marked its 40th anniversary in 2018. During these 40 years, the company has supplied innovative products to customers and has been growing with their business expansion. Ichimaru-Giken believes that “Innovation is our history and our mission.”
The company’s corporate philosophy has at its core to use its combined technological and developmental strengths to take on new challenges and contribute to society. “We seek to work with our employees and partners on product development to become a world leader in our field,” it says in its vision statement.
The company has three major product lineups:
A. Valves for tyre curing press, “ROCKY” valve
B. Rubber machinery
C. 70MPa Oil Hydraulic Equipment

Valves for tyre curing press

The valves were developed for tyre curing press when Ichimaru-Giken was founded in 1978. They are used in tyre manufacturing plants around the world and are known for their long service life, especially in nitrogen and steam service, reliability and ease of maintenance. They are used for controlling steam, N2 gas, and cold and hot water in tyre curing presses. The company has many types of valves for tyre curing press, Steam regulating valve, Diaphragm control valve, 2/3 way piston valve, 4 way piston valve, Y-type check valve, Ejector and Knuckle joint.
Ichimaru-Giken also develops special valves that correspond to its customer’s special requirement. Recently, demand has been increasing with its “Sensor On/Off indicator piston valve,” which enables to verify the operational condition of piston valve, and also “Control valve with positioned,” which can achieve more precise control of steam.

Rocky Panel Unit (RPU)

In 2001, Ichimaru-Giken developed the unique piping system, “Rocky Panel Unit (RPU)” and more than 2,000 units have been supplied to its worldwide customers because the advantages of RPU are unique and required in tyre industry, such as “All-in-one package”, “Compact design”, “Easy maintenance”, “Energy saving” and “Improving work environment.”
RPU is made up of Rocky Panel Valves which has special mounting system and a Panel Block which is made of SUS casting or SUS block. In assembling the unit, seals (gaskets or O-rings) are first fitted to the Rocky Panel Valves, after which they are secured to the Panel Block with hexagon socket bolts or stud bolts screwed in and secured in place in advance.

Rubber machinery

Ichimaru-Giken has been designing and producing various kinds of products used for tyre curing press and tyre building machines. The company supplies to tyre factory and press manufacturers as OEM. Its products are center mechanism driven by oil hydraulic and water hydraulic, loader, unloader, squeeze cylinder, water cylinder with self-regulating packing, auto-clamp system (upper container, bladder clamp ring), gas circulation unit (GCU), Shaping unit (SU) used for offline pre-shaping, container pre-heating machine, various kinds of tyre building drums.

Gas Circulation Unit (GCU)

In conventional tyre-curing presses, curing is performed using liquids such as water at high pressure and high temperature. But recently, methods using steam and N2 gas have become mainstream, and problems have arisen with temperature differentials between the upper and lower areas inside the bladder during curing.
More recently as an evolution of advanced mixing techniques for uniform dispersion of special compound materials which are used in the preparation of rubber material for high performance tyres such as Run-flat and Fuel-efficient tyres, techniques to improve elimination of temperature differentials and achieve uniform temperature have become more necessary than ever for the curing process.
With expertise and knowledge gained during more than 30 years as a developer and manufacture of valves and other main components related to tyre-curing machines, we have developed the “Gas Circulation Unit” (GCU), a ground- breaking device that consists of a special induction motor combined with a turbo-type pump (GPX) and dedicated controller (GPX-Drive), which can circulate gas inside the bladder to create an even temperature with forced convection.
While circulating gas continuously inside the bladder by installing the pump (GPX) in between the path of the flow towards the inside bladder of the tyre-curing machine, GCU can eliminate temperature differentials between the upper and lower part of the bladder in a short space of time and also maintain its condition thereafter.
From individual design to mass production items, Ichimaru-Giken offers innovative product and service that can correspond to each customer’s need around the world though our worldwide network, collaboration with domestic and oversea suppliers, and its knowledge and extensive experience of design and know-hows accumulated for a long years for tyre manufacturing process.

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