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Drivers want tyres to react to weather, says Nokian Tyre’s survey

Drivers want tyres to react to weather, says Nokian Tyre’s survey

According to a survey, commissioned by Nokian Tyres, 34 percent of European drivers hope that the black and round rubber parts on their cars will also automatically react to the weather in the future. A smart tyre could also monitor both itself and its surroundings faster and in more ways than the driver. Sensors in the tyre could measure the tread depth and wear and alert the driver when new tyres are needed or ask them to rotate them from front to back in order to even out the wear and optimise their service life, says Teemu Soini who is responsible for new technologies at Nokian Tyres.

In the first wave of smart technology, sensors installed in tyres will measure different variables and forward the information to the driver, either directly into the vehicle’s onboard systems or to the driver’s mobile device. However, a true smart tyre is one that can automatically react to the information from the sensor – without any driver interference, says Nokian Tyres.

These tyres could automatically adapt to weather and road conditions by changing the tread pattern, for example. In wet weather, the grooves storing water could increase in volume and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The tyre industry has already taken the first steps towards smart tyres, and sensors are already commonly used for measuring inflation pressure.

According to the survey, nearly every second driver would make tyres safer than they are now. Tyres are an essential safety factor. Four palm-sized pads are the only contact point with the road surface, and their main task is to safely take you where you are going, regardless of the weather or road conditions.

“Developments in tire material technology enable us to build tires that work even better under the most challenging conditions. In practice, we can improve grip at the extremes without sacrificing durability. At Nokian Tyres, safety has always come first when developing new tires and it will continue to be that way, ” said Soini.

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