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Successful solutions for bead wire production

Successful solutions for bead wire production

By Martin Bezák*:

Currently, the requirements of tyre manufacturers in the field of bead wires production concentrate on improvement of equipment efficiency. This term covers reduction of non-productive time of the equipment during change of production, reduction of the machine´s repair etc. Contemporary trend of the production of wide range of bead wires in all kinds of tyres requires high cooperation in the field of production planning, technical know-how of the machine´s operation by the operator and maintenance personnel. The manufacturer of machine for production of bead wires also plays irreplaceable role in this contemporary process. Correctly selected design of the machine, its parameters and functionality may significantly help to meet current requirement of tyre manufacturers.

Independent chapter is represented by monitoring and inspection of qualitative parameters of the product and the process. This inspection and on-line evaluation in the process of semi-finished product preparation guarantees minimisation of scrap in the production process. Inspection of parameters as wire preheating, sensing of rubberising thickness, possibility of automatic regulation of rubber compound quantity guarantees not only right quality of semi-finished rubberised steel wire but also monitoring and reduction of technological scrap of rubber compound.

Following this trend, VIPO has developed and successfully implemented into the practice several technical solutions and applications which help to inspect the process of bead wires production successfully. Such modifications are applied in the machines, starting from the process of steel wire unwinding up to the bead wire storing on a transport vehicle. Strong support from the customers and their trust enabled Vipo to apply prototype solutions into the real production conditions and inspect them directly in the process of production of tyre´s semi-finished product– bead wire.

The process of manipulation and storing of bead wires into the carriages has undergone important change in the field of bead wires production. Trend of robots and manipulators is significant also in the process of semi-finished products preparation for tyre production. Today, each machine, either Single Wire Bead Winding Machine or Multi Wire Bead Winding Machine, is equipped with automated systems for beads taking off from the machine and these machines are controlled automatically and set by recipe for each product. The tyre manufacturer with their operation gains considerably higher efficiency of the equipment and reduction of manual work of the operator. Such solutions significantly influence also personal costs what is finally transferred on the price of final product, too.

The trend followed by VIPO currently is monitoring and evaluation of process and mechanical parameters, which helps end user to make production and partial processes more effective. The system shall enable hierarchic structure and data collection with predictive maintenance. It addition, it may include on-line training, administration of documentation and etc. Possibilities of future development in this field are very wide and shall be accommodated individually according to requirements of tyre manufacturers.

*Martin Bezák is Sales manager, Machinery & Electronics, VIPO

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