Towards innovative breakthroughs

Towards innovative breakthroughs

By TA News Bureau:

Revolutionary changes in tyre technology may lead to a situation in which many advantages may be weakened or even disappear. Therefore, MESNAC actively cooperates with domestic and foreign tyre customers and our suppliers to make breakthroughs in key components and processes, says MESNAC Vice President Guan Bingzheng

Please elaborate on the new, world’s first Smart Factory Experience Center that MESNAC opened recently

MESNAC Smart Factory Experience Center is by far the world’s first intelligent manufacturing experience platform for rubber and tyre enterprises. It is also a product testing and technology upgrade platform, and a vivid, dynamic, and leading experience center. As a result, the Experience Center has created a new practice pattern for industrial manufacturing. Many products, technologies and systems in this center are first created in China, even in the world. The purpose of this center is to help rubber and tire enterprises to simplify management, improve quality and efficiency, reduce production costs, and be more environment-friendly in order to make higher quality rubber and tire products.

How big is the role that your R&D centers in many parts of the world play in product innovation?

The R&D department has established a market-oriented R&D system, which is closely linked to the market and quickly transforms customer needs into solutions. The R&D department mainly conducts R&D quality design based on modularity,standardisation and system reliability, and draws on new technology development to promote smart manufacturing in the rubber industry.

Tyre making process is undergoing revolutionary changes at a rapid pace. Does this pose challenges to tyre machinery makers? How is MESNAC taking on this challenge?

Revolutionary changes in tyre technology may lead to a situation in which many advantages may be weakened or even disappear. Therefore, MESNAC actively cooperates with domestic and foreign tyre customers and our suppliers to make breakthroughs in key components and processes.

What equipment has been smartly upgraded recently?

MESNAC has been actively preparing for upgrading smart equipment for two years. Various product teams have made different levels of smart upgrades on many kinds of products, especially PCR TBM, TBR TBM, and curing equipment.

1. MESNAC curing system division is able to provide whole smart curing workshop solutions, including smart curing press, curing workshop MES system, automatic logistics for green tyre and cured tyre, VOCs collecting and treatment system. MESNAC curing press could save 15% energy consumption by using servo hydraulic system, new insulation and integrated steam piping; could save 60% scrap tyres loss caused by bladder broken by using bladder leakage technology, and the reliability concept through the whole product life, via these points we could help the customer get the high quality and efficiency with low operating cost.
2. MESNAC PS2A is an intelligent radial tyre building machine. It’s based on the advanced MPS modular platform of MESNAC, based on the advantages of high automation, high stability and high efficiency, intellectualised control, big data analysis, intelligent interaction and other important innovative technologies, which greatly improved the customer experience in terms of product quality and cost. Taking quality as an example, we have built a comprehensive solution based on data and intelligent algorithms, which has made the comprehensive quality of tyres significantly improved and reached the leading level in the industry. Rapid replacement of production specifications reduces equipment downtime by 73%.
3. MESNAC union stage 3-drum TBM realised intelligent monitoring of 3 drums key parameters, like the diameter of carcass drum abd BT drum, bead-bead setting of shaping drum and drum spindle run-out all have been realised closed-loop monitoring to get rid of key potential quality issues during tire shaping, and improving the tyre dynamic uniformity by servo control of shape drum synchronous turning-up. In addition, the automatic barcoding system in working with workshop EMS saves labour. Tire dynamic uniformity improved 15% and the efficiency increased 30% compare the machine with MESNAC last generation machine ZCX3.

Please introduce the product quality control system of MESNAC

MESNAC takes quality as the foundation of its business, and MESNAC is the convener of international standards for RFID chips of tyres as well as the leader of standard development in the rubber machinery in China. MESNAC promotes the quality of products by using standards and meeting customer needs. MESNAC has established a full-process project quality control system covering six stages, from project management, product and process planning, product and process implementation, supplier management, process analysis, customer satisfaction, built 40 sub-projects, and developed 372 forms and standards to provide products a full range of quality assurance with intelligent health management system, stable process method, scientific management system, reliable research and development system.

How active is MESNAC in retrofit segment?

MESNAC is very concerned about the upgrade of equipment, mainly on two aspects. The first aspect is to consistently do quality work based on modular and system reliability; second is to vigorously research and develop smart manufacturing technology with new generation technology as its core.

How does MESNAC see the future of tyre machinery manufacturing industry?

The tyre equipment industry will still be based on product quality, and smart technology will promote overall efficiency and quality in this industry. With smart manufacturing, tyre equipment will have leap forwards in many aspects, and this industry will be dominated by system solutions.

What are your green initiatives?

As a listed company, MESNAC attaches great importance to fulfilling social responsibilities, closely connects the company’s development with social progress, has effectively achieved the coordination between the company’s benefits and social benefits, its own development and social development, continuously enhances company value, and strives to achieve harmonious development between the company and its employees, the company and the society, the company and the environment, in order to contribute to the development of rubber industry and social progress.

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