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MESNAC advocates modular concept, which is the core foundation of smart manufacturing. Reliability is also an integral part of this. With the belief that smart factory is built on linkage and coupling, data orientation, and most importantly core knowledge, MESNAC has accumulated a large amount of successful experience in modular, reliability, automation, HMI, and safety concepts

Since June 2018, under the active operation of major shareholders and management board, many excellent managers with international backgrounds have joined MESNAC, one of the global leaders in rubber and tyre machinery making. As a result, more resources is being brought to the company to facilitate faster development.

The continuous development of MESNAC is based on rubber machinery, and the fundamental development strategy of mainly developing its core business – rubber machinery – will not change. MESNAC will, as always, uphold the service concept of “Production Orientation and Kindly Service,” continuously improve the stability, reliability and performance of rubber machinery, strengthen project management and service quality, increase R&D investment in smart manufacturing, and strive to provide customers with customised smart equipment and smart production solution.

In order to win more development opportunities and achieve growth in core-business-related fields, on one hand, on the basis of developing rubber machinery business, MESNAC will focus on and capture derivative opportunities closely related to rubber machinery, and bring new growth momentum to core business by fully leveraging existing products and research and development capabilities, including technology, team, market. On the other hand, under the premise of steady growth of the core business, the firm will actively explore new business and new fields, mainly in new energy, new material, energy saving and environmental protection.

MESNAC’s insistence and hard work in the field of rubber machinery strongly support the development of the company’s new fields and new businesses. At the same time, the development of new fields and new businesses will bring greater development opportunities for the corporation so as to equip MESNAC with more strength and capacity in order to better serve customers in the rubber industry. In the field of rubber machinery, the current strategy of MESNAC is to unswervingly promote smart manufacturing.

Modular concept

MESNAC advocates modular concept, which is the core foundation of smart manufacturing. Reliability is also an integral part of this. With the belief that smart factory is built on linkage and coupling, data orientation, and most importantly core knowledge, MESNAC has accumulated a large amount of successful experience in modular, reliability, automation, HMI, and safety concepts. In order to help rubber and tyre manufacturers to make their products and advance rubber industry to a higher level, MESNAC smart factory strives to promote the digitisation of all factors in the tyre production process.

In November 2016, the world’s first tyre smart factory designed and constructed by MESNAC was put into use. On September 12, 2018, the first smart mixing plant was developed and constructed by MESNAC in China for rubber products industry, which was officially put into operation in Hunan. Currently, MESNEC can provide customers with three-level solutions ranging from equipment, workshop to factory. Until now, MESNAC has successfully delivered two automatic smart factories and finished about 30 projects of workshop construction or transformation.

With regard to smart equipment, MESNAC has put its emphasis on introducing new generation smart Uni-stage TBR Tire Building Machine — TPRO-S, a solely developed machine. It has made MESNAC acquire the ability to help customers increase productivity and revenue. Up to now there have been five generations of TBR Tire Building Machines and MESNAC has produced altogether 1100 units of them. Based on above achievements and with the participation of 32 experts, MESNAC TBR team successfully developed the smart building machine — TPRO-S with 5 core technologies, 25 technical patents, and 37 technical innovations. Two years of research and developments went into this. The machine is an example of creative innovation in China – an advanced level product in global machinery manufacturing industry.

Smart operation

In terms of reducing labour through smart operation, smart factory can greatly bring down the level of difficulty in operation and management, improve operational efficiency, and provide tailored solutions, resulting in a remarkable decrease in training costs. As of efficiency improvement, compared with previous development pattern, smart factory can achieve continuous production along with a decline in invalid production time by more than 5% and an increase by more than 3% in the production of stand-alone equipment through artificial intelligence scheduling. Besides, smart factory can improve production quality by a large degree through quality correlation analysis and correlation algorithm analysis of production process, techniques, and raw material on the basis of big data sorting and analysis to get the most critical factors that affect product quality. Also the factory can save a large amount of energy and then impressively reduce costs by virtue of the staggering production scheduling arranged by artificial intelligence. Finally, in the aspect of warehouse management, smart factory has the ability to eliminate blind spare parts procurement, and to maintain relative equipment in advance according to the situation of equipment deterioration in order to increase the life of related component.

Mixing Integration Solution

MESNAC’s new-generation Mixing Integration Solution covers all materials, including powders, liquids, solids, and has realised small chemicals weighing, quality management, and communication between operator and device, material and device, as well as the communication between devices. This solution introduces failure prediction mechanism to improve production efficiency and save time in machine feeding, and takes burning and biological method to eliminate environmental problems. Moreover, this solution has made it a reality to trace 100% production data by utilising big data and cloud storage.

The reason why MESNAC has the ability to build the Smart Factory Experience Center is that the company has accumulated a great deal of successful experience over the years in three aspects. First, MESNAC can provide 80% equipment for tyre production. Compared to other equipment suppliers, MESNAC has the most in-depth understanding of the techniques in tyre industry. Secondly, over the past 20 years of practice and exploration, MESNAC has completed its knowledge reserve and product-supply capacity in seven separate technical framework layers during the practice of project delivery and product development. And thirdly, The company has an extremely profound understanding of industry standards. For instance, MESNAC has led and participated in developing many industry standards involving industry equipment, information technology, RFID, and other fields. Also MESNAC initiated the China Tire Smart Manufacture and Standardization Alliance etc.

In the future, more factories will step into smart manufacturing, and in order to help its clients reduce costs, improve quality, and produce agilely, MESNAC will continue to upgrade and provide more optimal integrated solutions according to customer demands and constantly explore how to combine equipment, logistics, and informatisation, including Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

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