Münch Chemie: 70 years of expertise in release agent technology

Münch Chemie: 70 years of expertise in release agent technology

Münch Chemie International GmbH celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Since its foundation in 1948, the family-run company with its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany has internationally made a name for itself as a leading specialist for release agents and processing aids for a large variety of industrial applications, particularly for the tyre industry. Innovation, individuality, quality and service – this is what Wilhelm and Michael Münch stand for.
The customers within the tyre industry have high quality claims before adopting the release agent best suited to their needs, only to be enabled through highly optimized steps and a sophisticated level of technological expertise. The core competence of Münch Chemie lies in its ability to understand and assess the processing-related customers’ problems and requirements and to respond with appropriate high-quality solutions. Thanks to its broad knowledge of release agent chemicals, Münch Chemie is ready to meet any challenge!
Benefits for customers: Nowadays, tyres are high-tech products. The tyre curing process poses specific requirements such as reducing mould contamination or facilitating the demoulding process, while at the same time ensuring the best quality of the tyre. In a context of intensified international competition, the entire production process must run efficiently and cannot permit any quality compromises to be made anywhere: Process aids and indirect materials must be maintained without any impact on the final product. Thanks to its customer and market proximity as well as its strong development team, Münch Chemie has succeeded remarkably in developing and offering an extensive range of high-performance solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of the tyre industry. They include semi-permanent and permanent mould release agents for press moulds, inside and outside lubes, bladder coatings, tyre mounting lubricants and tyre paints. In addition to tried and tested standard products, Münch Chemie also offers customized solutions.
Increased overall efficiency with semi-permanent inside lube: With the aim of ensuring a smooth curing process and reducing curing defects, the development team of Münch Chemie has developed a new water-based semi-permanent inside lube that is applicable for the production of any type of tyres. Thanks to its optimized composition containing innovative, highly release-active polymeric ingredients, the semi-permanent inside lube provides a fairly greasy film that stays lubricious over long time and is also flexible enough to guarantee excellent release properties. During the curing process the resulting film is transferred to the bladder surface, thus allowing for multiple consecutive curings of uncoated green tyres. Compared to competitive products, the new inside lube allows for an up to 20% improvement in performance, thereby minimizing the manufacturer’s effort and costs.
Innovative silicone-free solution to offset the drastic rise in silicone prices Münch Chemie has also developed a conventional inside lubricant for the application on the green tyre that provides excellent release and lubrication properties and is completely silicone-free. Thanks to the selected fillers contained in the formulation, the product helps to avoid defects caused by entrapped air and shows a homogeneous black appearance on the inside of the cured tyre. Although being a water-based product, it allows for fast drying times. Considering the shortage of silicone supply and the massive price increase that affect the market on a global basis for several months – with no significant downward trend in the near future – this silicone-free product is the best alternative to not only ensure that no contamination with silicone or silicone-based polymers affects production or tires, but also to afford high cost savings.
Environmentally friendly tyre tread marking paints: In addition, Münch Chemie has extended its portfolio with innovative tyre tread marking paints that facilitate the identification and the distinction between the different types of tyres. The water-based TP-15 marking paints can be applied immediately after extrusion. They are completely free of any solvents, thereby being particularly environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, drying time is very short for all colours. The viscosity of the tyre marking paints has been specially adjusted to ensure ease of application via typical processes. The paints also offer an extremely colour radiance and homogeneity. The intensity of the marking paints – available in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, green, orange, pink, violet, blue, red, brown, lemongreen and grey – remains unchanged for months. TP-15 tire tread marking paints

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