Intralox: Revolutionising tyre conveyance for over 30 years

When Intralox introduced the modular plastic conveyor belt to the tyre industry over 30 years ago it changed conveyance of tyres forever. Today, Intralox has grown into the global conveyance solutions leader, offering direct service for a broad range of industries in more than 100 countries. But what separates Intralox from others in the tyre industry? Working with Intralox allows customers to experience our uncompromising commitment to providing sustainable solutions that create lasting value.
“Intralox has an extensive and experienced Tyre Team of engineers, account managers, and customer service representatives in the Asia-Pacific region who can work in almost all local languages,” said Jason Gu, Intralox Asia-Pacific Tyre Industry Leader. “In the Asia Pacific region, our operation covers China, India, Japan, Korea, and SEA countries from which we can quickly and reliably deliver products and services to customers in the region,” he said.
Another way Intralox separates itself from the competition is the level of detail on every job. Customers start to work with Intralox long before a belt is installed, and the support Intralox offers throughout the life of the belt is unparalleled.
“We accompany the customer throughout the whole process: Starting with layout optimization and simulation of difficult parts of the layout to ensure feasibility,” said Beate Fremdling, Intralox Global Tyre Team Leader. “We conduct reliability audits to ensure that the installations are set at its best to optimize lifetime and minimize maintenance and we also offer to organize the spare parts inventory we provide. Last but not least, we offer expedited services to minimize downtime,” Fremdling said.
The attention to detail is also evident by the conveying solutions Intralox offers for every aspect of the tyre production facility: mixing and millroom, component preparation, tyre building, curing, and final finish.
Intralox mixing and millroom solutions have reduced downtime and maintenance costs for global tyre manufacturers by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with payback on investment in as little as two months.
“In the mixing area, we offer a wide range of solutions based on customer specific production needs. If you have trouble with sticky compounds, you may want to eliminate your problem either by choosing a belt with the right surface or the right material composition,” Fremdling said.
Intralox began its long-lasting relationship with tyre companies and major extrusion OEMs around the world over 25 years ago with the installation of a sidewall cooling line. Today, in addition to tread and sidewall cooling lines, Intralox also provides conveyance solutions in the component preparation area for extruder feeders, takeaways, skivers, etc. With the Intralox positive drive system, tracking problems related to flat belts are eliminated, and conveyor belt life is increased.
As tyre producers attempt to minimize waste and gently handle tyres in the process, Intralox has developed innovative solutions for green tyre handling. The Dual-Stacked Angled Roller Belt™ (DARB™) touchless 90-degree transfer, sorting and merging solutions gently handle fragile green tyres, reducing scrap in plants. “When tyre makers look to automate their green tyre and finished tyre handling systems, they increasingly realize that to get a solid return on these investments, the reliability of the system, maximized uptime and minimized maintenance, are extremely important. Intralox has rich experience in offering conveyance solutions from tyre building to finished tyre in both truck and passenger tyre plants globally,” Gu said.
For the last 15 years, Intralox’s Transverse Roller Top™ (TRT™) solution has proven effective for several curing applications due to its unique roller design, long belt life, reduced noise levels, and low maintenance requirements. Intralox also supplies solutions for post-cure inflation and press release conveyors, providing better cooling without risks to tyre uniformity.
Many tyre plants have designed entire final finish handling systems, including 90-degree Transfers, mergers, sorters, centering, and aligning applications, based on the Intralox Transverse Roller Top solution. Other Intralox solutions for final finish include horizontal conveyors, incline and decline conveyors, conveyors for accumulation, and Intralox’s energy reduction concept for A to B transportation.
No matter what a tyre manufacturer needs–whether it’s a single retrofit, an area upgrade, or a plant-wide project– Intralox’s belt and equipment offerings deliver optimal results.

“We closely follow trends in manufacturing and make new development accordingly,” Fremdling said. We offer a deep knowledge of the tyre industry, knowing the conditions and challenges in a tyre plant from Mixing to Final Finish because we are serving this industry with people who are Industry specialists, and have been for a long time. This knowledge enables our customers to use the most suitable solution for their application resulting in an issue free production flow with long-lasting products.”

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