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Eastern Treads: Embracing new ideas


S Rajesh, CEO

Eastern Treads Ltd , part of USD 300 million Eastern Group, is embracing new ideas in tune with the changing economic situations, trends and market realities on its way to becoming a leading global player. Eastern Treads is climbing the ladder towards bigger successes with greater focus by enhancing their operational efficiency, which makes sure that the company does well despite volatile market conditions says Rajesh, CEO, Eastern Treads Ltd.
Thanks to the various economic reforms like demonetisation and GST, which is smoothening the forward journey of the organised segment in the retreading industry.
Rajesh further adds confidently that “We Eastern Treads Ltd entered into the franchisee segment at the right time and we are seeing a big acceleration in franchisee additions due to the anticipated consolidation of retreading activity, due to the above reforms. Our core strength is our good connect with the massive fleet family of India”. New strategies is being initiated by the company to create big, end customers demand by 2020. As of now ETL have strong network of 150 plus exclusive retreaders and franchisee across India.
ETL is strengthening its spread through opening of 30 additional depots across India for giving prompt services to its franchisees. Through its highest quality INFINITY range of products and high quality consumables, procured through its global business partner in Europe, they are upholding the quality retreading segment and trying to uplift the quality concept of the industry.” Our transparent pricing policy offered to the franchisees, help us to maintain the quality amidst the highly volatile natural rubber and other petroleum derivative raw materials prices” says Rajesh.
To become competitive, without affecting the quality lot of cost reduction initiatives through automations has been envisaged in company production unit. Also the strong R&D department is now concentrating on application specific products for different types of terrains, which makes ETL a differentiator in Indian tread rubber industry. To cater for the different needs of the market research and development team in ETL is committed to understand the customer demands and to develop products that make value and satisfaction to the customers. This made the Company to keep its competitive edge in the market by producing products which can provide superior performance, safety, and comfort, under different and extreme road conditions. In addition to give high quality products, ETL provide after sale services and expert technological assistance aiming to provide 360 degree service to its customers.
As an integral part of our technological up gradation, we have been investing heavily on facilities expansion, new equipment and machinery procurement especially over the last three years .The most important facility up gradation was the implementation of Mixer Automation with fully computerized Recipe management and Mixer Control System which has brought about very high levels of consistency in our manufacturing operations. In India, perhaps Eastern Treads is the only company in Tread Rubber sector to implement such kind of Mixer Automation system.
We are the only Tread Rubber manufacturing company in India to have three distribution channels going hand in hand like Franchisee sales, distributor sales and dealer’s sales under one banner. After the continuous participations in the various global Expos during the last 3 years, we are now in a position to expand our wings to Russia and other European countries. Our ongoing business to Bhutan, Nepal, various African and Latin American countries is showing improvement. We are the suppliers to various RTCs which is a mark of quality since we undergo a continuous quality testing and monitoring processes.
We are judiciously expanding our network of franchisees which allows us to sell value-added products and reduces pricing/margin volatility. The impact of recent changes in the operating framework for Indian businesses now create more opportunities for organized and progressive players like Eastern Treads. We are confident of improved performance in H2, based on our strong presence across the entire retreading value chain that delivers a high-quality retreading solution to our customers.

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