Quality, value, and service for Fleets

Quality, value, and service for Fleets

With decades of dedicated service in Asia, Giti Tire has learned that fleets in the region perform at their best when they are running on tyres that can endure the harshest conditions on the planet, as well as rely on support that ensures their operations’ run smoothly, safely and efficiently.
As fleet costs rise and road safety regulations become stricter, fleet owners require more help than ever to remain competitive. Chris Bloor, Executive Director of International Sales and Marketing at Giti Tire, says the company’s efforts strengthen its ability to provide vital fleet assistance at a time when many commercial vehicles operators are demanding more from their tyres.
“Previously, many markets in Asia often characterized by wholesale selling with a focus on price and not much in the way of service or other benefits,” says Bloor. “However, this model is no longer able to succeed, due to better informed end-users and an influx of low-end tyres. Now, a model that includes great cost-per-kilometer, service, fleet education, and support tools and materials is needed to be truly successful in the long-term.”
In Asia, the wide variety of conditions and driving styles demands a high level of both quality and service that is flexible and can be adapted to the region. “When comparing cost-per-kilometer in testing, Giti performs very strongly, and in addition offers a great deal of training and support tools for fleets and other users”, Bloor mentions. This is one of the reasons why top fleets in a variety of industries have selected Giti tyres, and provided testimonials about the success that they have had. “Regardless of the applications or conditions the vehicles are working in, Giti has an option to fit the need,” says Bloor.
Giti tyres are furthermore designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, including the strong heat and sometimes challenging road conditions in the region. The quality and durability of tyres is paramount, all the way from the product design to the factory production equipment, says Bloor.
“This is something that can be demonstrated both when viewing the cut sections of the tyres compared to others and in road testing. In addition, the tyres allow for strong re-treadability which can provide even more lifelong value.”

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