Quality products to meet market needs

Quality products to meet market needs

No matter what vehicle type or application being used, the quality of tyres is the most important. Knowing this, Giti has created a wide range of products to fit all needs of drivers, whether for passenger cars, SUV/4×4’s, utility vans, or commercial trucks and buses.

Passenger Cars: Passenger car tyres are utilized by drivers of all types around the world. While some users prefer all-around comfort, while others are looking for a more racing/control type of ride, all depend on good efficiency, safety, and value to bring them through their daily lives. Giti provides a wide range of highly-rated offerings from the small-sized value segment, up to cutting-edge offerings that include large rim sizes and even RunFlat offerings, which can go up to 80km/hour for 80 kms after puncture. With so much variety, all users can find a type of tyre that is the right fit for their lifestyle.

SUV’s/4x4s: For those with larger vehicles or a need to go on more rugged conditions, an SUV or 4×4 tyre option could be the best choice. For these, Giti has a wide range of highway, off-road, or standard driving tyres to meet a wide range of terrains and road conditions. The focus on these is to provide a reliable and durable ride.

Utility Vans and Light Trucks: Vans and other small utility vehicles have specific driving needs, with more concern about load-bearing ability, mileage, and durability.

Commercial Trucks and Buses: To support this commercial truck and bus tire sector is a full range of Long Haul, Regional, Urban, Mixed Service, Off-Road, and even competition racing truck tires.

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