Putting strong value on motorsports success

Putting strong value on motorsports success

Giti Tire is a key player in motorsports racing, investing a significant amount of money, personnel, and technology into helping its tries compete on the track. The company offers a variety of comeptition tyre offerings, including the GitiCompete GTR1 formula track tire, GitiSport GTR3r11 street legal offering, and GitiCompete Extreme1 4×4 off-road tyre, among others.
An example of Giti’s participation is the famous 24 Hours Nürburgring race, which Giti Tire partook in for the second year with two high-powered Lamborghini Huracan cars. Both years brought about good success, including a highly impressive 2nd place group finish in its 2017 debut. In addition, the company has taken its truck racing competition tires to the track during the past two years, as sponsors of the Super Truck Nationals in Australia and BTRA Truck Racing Series in Europe.
Some other key races that Giti has been a successful tyre provider and sponsor of in recent years include the, Pike’s Peak Hill Climb USA, Volkswagen Fun Cup UK, Le Mans Prototype 3, Renault Clio, Formula 3 Asian Championship, 12 Hours Sepang Race, as well as many other regional, and local races around the world.
Using motorsports proven technology for everyday tyres
Giti Tire is growing its share in the premium market segment by providing customers the confidence that their everyday tyres are developed from motorsports proven technology. This trust is further reinforced by the fact that a comprehensive range of competition tyres for tarmac and forest rallies, ice rally, racing slicks/semi slicks, and 4×4 off-road challenges are already widely recognized by the racing community around the world.
Motorsports often pushes tyres to limits that normal tyres would never be subjected to in daily driving. It therefore provides design engineers with very valuable and comprehensive information, used in the development of new tread patterns, construction designs, and manufacturing processes. In the end, this makes better and safer tyres for all of Giti Tire’s customers.

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