Global strength in manufacturing and R&D

Global strength in manufacturing and R&D

Giti Tire has a long history of manufacturing and R&D strengths, dating back to its origins of more than 65 years. Always focusing on quality in production and innovation – global facilities, teams and processes work together to provide the products of strength and value to both distributors and end-user drivers. In addition, the company’s widespread retail network and award-winning OEM partnerships with top global manufacturers help the products

Truly global

Giti Tire’s newly opened US manufacturing center opened in late 2017 joins the companies’ other factories in China and Indonesia. All centers include top technology, quality control, and teams to ensure safety and quality of tyres. In total, combined production capacity exceeds 100 million tyres per year.
USA: In 2017, Giti completed its three year project in building a full and high-tech new tire production facility. Located in South Carolina, this cutting-edge passenger car tyre factory includes modern automation and production tools.
China: With more than 25 years of experience and ability to produce all types of tyres, Giti’s six facilities in China have been recognised for their exceptional quality, consistency, and environmental efforts.
Indonesia: The production facility in Indonesia has recently been expanded to include a TBR tyre factory and proving ground, allowing improved supply to the important Southeast Asia market, as well as other places in the world.

High-tech R&D centers

Giti’s Global R&D network continues to further grow and integrate its technology competencies from a diverse resource pool of passionate technocrats based at its R&D centers in the US, Germany, Indonesia, China, and technical center in the UK. In addition, proving grounds around the world include a brand new facility in Indonesia. By constantly deploying timely product solutions with innovative, competitive, and affordable tyres – the company is able to fulfill various regional and localized market needs across the world.
Giti Tire’s strategic focus on the development of computer-aided design tools, materials, and compounding technologies and tyre-vehicle interactions performance simulations also expedites the release of new tyre generations, to meet the stringent needs of global OE car manufacturers with a critical emphasis on wet grip, low rolling resistance, and balanced dynamic handling.

OEM and distribution capabilities

In order to bring the technology and tyres to the market, Giti works together with numerous top OEM partners worldwide such as GM, VW, Renault, Toyota, Citroen, and many others to meet the needs of these automotive suppliers. This includes supplying new car and SUV models produced in the US and Europe for local and global markets.
Finally, in-depth distribution and retail chains are needed to bring Giti’s tyres to drivers in more than 130 countries. This relies a great deal on the distributors, retailers, and fleets, who are the bridge between the factory and the end-users’ vehicles.

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