CSR and community, green initiatives

CSR and community, green initiatives

Giti Tire has always placed a great deal of focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. In this category, there are three key areas of focus:
1) Environmental Protection: Giving tangible support to environmental projects needs around the world. This includes partnering with top organizations such as Conservation International to support rainforest and ocean initiatives.
2) Giving Back to Host Communities: Joining with schools and other organizations to support education, health, and other community needs. Giti Tire works with numerous universities and schools around the world on education, as well as donating time and resources to local communities.
3) Employee Safety and Development: Bringing training, opportunities, and a better future to Giti’s employees. This also includes creating safe and positive conditions in the environments where its teams work.
Through a combination of activities and initiatives that support these areas, Giti Tire continues to strive to be a leader in making better communities and a brighter future. The company has been awarded for its efforts in this area, including top Corporate Responsibility honors from leading organizations.
One area that is involved in Giti’s corporate efforts is to create a cleaner use of its products. Chris Bloor has noted an increased need for cleaner and more efficient transport in the region. He draws a comparison with Giti Tire’s own determination to be a greener manufacturer.
“Fuel efficiency and conservation is extremely important for Giti Tire — from the top management to factory workers. Each year, the company has a number of goals and initiatives to reduce production waste, improve mileage, and give back to the environment in other ways, including a longstanding partnership with Conservation International,” Chris Bloor explains. “When educating distributors and end-users, fuel efficiency is one of the most important topics, and Giti always wants to help in this way, both to save fleet costs and also to help the local environment and communities in which it operates.”

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