More sMiles with Giti

More sMiles with Giti

By TA News Bureau:

Giti Tire is a major global tyre company, with production in three countries, a sales presence in more than 130 countries, and R&D and testing centers worldwide. However, what really separates the company from others is its extensive focus on service, in addition to great products. Chris Bloor, Executive Director of International Sales and Marketing at Giti Tire, explains some of the key differences with Giti that bring more sMiles to its users:

A service model focused on retail:

“In order to bring the best value to our users, we focus on service to leverage the quality of our products on the retail side”, says Bloor. “Whether for passenger car or commercial vehicle tires, this involves a comprehensive approach that goes down to support at the ground level, where the tires are actually being tested and sold. By focusing on distinguishing ourselves through high-quality outlets, strong promotions, and point-of sale recognition, we can help to drive better short-term and long-term results”.

A Product + Service + Information approach:

“In today’s competitive market, having great product is not enough to succeed. In addition to that, it is important to also have both the service and communication tools to support the efforts”, explains Bloor. “To do so, we provide a wide variety of training and information materials, for our dealers, fleets, and end-users. These include objective information about our brands and products, as well as testimonials, and even ways to better maximize tire use. In additional to print materials, a special focus in recent years has been made on utilizing digital methods of information such as social media, videos, and online/mobile content. Tires are the only thing on a car that touches the road, and it is important to give great attention to them.”

Focusing on cost-efficiency (CpK):

“At the end of the day, cost-per-kilometer is the most important calculation of tire use to drivers, especially in the Commercial Fleet segment. This demonstrates how much mileage can be safely and effectively obtained from using the tires. However, this is different from the initial selling price! Often cheap tires will not create nearly as much driving mileage, while in some cases the most premium brand could provide some more mileage but at a much higher cost. This is an important factor to understand, and Giti bases a large amount of tire education and materials to maximizing this as much as possible”, emphasizes Bloor.

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