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Tyre safety tips for young drivers from Cooper Tire

Tyre safety tips for young drivers from Cooper Tire

Cooper Tire’s Tread Wisely programme, a tire and vehicle safety campaign for teens and young adults, offers tyre safety tips for young drivers.

Check your tyre pressure
To check your tyre pressure, find your car’s ideal pressure listed on the sticker inside your car door, glove box or fuel door, or in the car’s manual. Remove the tyre’s valve cap and press a tyre gauge firmly onto the valve stem. The end of your tyre pressure gauge will pop up and show a reading of the pounds per square inch (PSI) of air pressure in your tyres. If this number matches your recommended tyre pressure, you’re good to go. If the number is lower than the recommended tyre pressure, your tyre is underinflated. If the reading on the gauge is higher than the pressure recommended for your car, you need to release some air.

Check your tread depth

To check your tread depth, use the penny test. Insert the edge of the coin into the most worn groove of your tyre tread. If there is enough depth then your tyre is fine

Check for cuts

Assess the overall condition of your tyres by looking at them closely to ensure there are no cuts, cracks, punctures or bulges. If you spot any of these, get your tyres checked by a professional before driving on them.

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