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Cooper Tire launches National Tyre Safety Campaign

Cooper Tire launches National Tyre Safety Campaign

Cooper Tire’s Tread Wisely programme- a tyre and vehicle safety campaign for teens and young adults, and have launched a national tyre safety campaign for young drivers. The ‘Pump It Up’ campaign, which will be active through September 30, 2018, encourages teens and young adults to learn how to check tyre pressure, tread depth and overall tyre condition to stay safer on the road.

“We know that young people don’t always prioritise tyre safety, so we’ve designed this campaign to combine a significant topic in their world – saving money – with the important topic of tyre safety. Proper tyre maintenance can save money in
fuel costs and help increase the lifespan of tyres,” said Anne Roman, Cooper’s Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs.
Pump It Up encourages DoSomething members to print and place eye-catching tyre safety flyers under their friends’ windshield wipers. Those who receive the flyers text the word ‘TIRE’ to 38383 for fun and informative messages about how to check their tyre pressure, tread depth and overall tyre condition. The young drivers also receive text messages encouraging them to join the campaign and spread tyre safety with their friends and family.

“Helping your friends save money and keeping them safe on the road-what could be better! Pump It Up is fun, engaging, important, and impactful. We are thrilled to team up with Cooper Tire and activate thousands of young people to spread the word on tyre safety,” said DoSomething Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Bloxson.

Those who sign up and successfully complete the campaign requirements are entered into a drawing to win a $3,000 scholarship. For details click here

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