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Linglong Tire completes technical service for Uzbekistan plant

Linglong Tire completes technical service for Uzbekistan plant

Linglong Tire has successfully completed technical service for a greenfield plant in Uzbekistan.

In the next phase, Linglong Tire will select and build the technical team consisting of elites to finish the subsequent product debugging of 16 tyres specifications as per the contract, helping the Uzi plant to achieve the target of the annual capacity of PCR tires reaching 3 million units and the annual capacity of bias tires reaching 200,000 units as soon as possible.

The tyre plant is considered to be a key project that was driven by both Chinese and Uzbekistan governments.

Construction work was begun in 2016 and took 30 months to complete it.

The Chinese company said, during the  technical service on the site, the team of Linglong overcame the shortage of personnel and many other unfavorable factors related to site construction and cross operation of tyre debugging and successfully accomplished a series of work like the preliminary technical negotiations, equipment installation guidance, technical training and performance testing, which was highly appraised by the Uzbekistan party and the other partners.

The technology export to Uzbekistan is the first one of Chinese tire industry in Middle East region. Through this technology output, the company will continue to develop and expand its central Asia markets to better realize its target of “going out”.



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