Pirelli owns over 500 homologations for its run flat tyres

Pirelli owns over 500 homologations for its run flat tyres


Premium tyres maker Pirelli received more than 500 homologations for its run flat tyres.

Run flat tyres allow drivers to keep going with a puncture to a certain distance.

In total, there are 516 homologations of Pirelli Run Flat tyre, out of which 326 homologations for summer tyres, 100 for winter tyres, and 90 for all season tyres. As a result, Pirelli now has more than 2800 manufacturer homologations for its product range.

The company’s run flat technology is available on P Zero, Cinturato, Scorpion and Scorpion Winter, Winter Sottozero 3 and Winter Sottozero Serie II. Consequently, the range is able to cover 97% of fitments in 18-inch size or higher, with 24 exclusive product codes: which are sizes that no other tyre manufacturer sells. Pirelli is the leader in the Run Flat sector, both when it comes to summer and all season tyres as well as winter.

Alfa Romeo is the latest marque to have homologated Pirelli Run Flat tyres on its Giulia saloon, but manufacturers such as BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Mini and Rolls-Royce also use Pirelli tyres that can keep going after a puncture. Even when a tyre pressure monitoring system indicates a sudden loss of pressure, these tyres are able to carry on driving for 80 kilometres at a maximum speed of 80kph. The specially-designed sidewall structure is capable of supporting the weight of the car, ensuring a safe journey to the nearest tyre dealer. Pirelli’s bespoke Self Supporting system uses special reinforcements inserted into the sides of the internal structure that are able to withstand both the vertical and horizontal loads on the car.



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