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Tips for greener electric driving

Tips for greener electric driving

Do you own an Electric Vehicle (EV)? Finnish tyre maker Nokian Tyres offers tips for greener electric driving.

Choose high-quality tyres with Class A fuel efficiency. They may be more expensive, but you will get the difference back in terms of service life and energy savings.

Pay attention to tyre wear and rotate the tyres from front to rear. Rotating tyres from one axle to another ensure even tyre wear and maximises service life.

Check the inflation pressure. Excessively low tyre pressure and heavy loads will increase the tyre’s rolling resistance as well as electricity consumption. You can always keep your tyre pressure 0.2 bar above the car manufacturer’s recommendation.

Plan your trip. Plan your route, combine several errands and set up carpools.

Maintain your tyres and store them correctly. Storing tyres away from sunlight in a temperature-regulated room, monitoring the tyres under the vehicle and removing any rocks from the grooves will extend the service life of the tyres and reduce waste.

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