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Testing: The Final Stop

Testing: The Final Stop


Mobility is the quintessence of progress. It rolls on the ubiquitous tyre made of rubber and over 50 other components. It is a highly sophisticated engineered product. The safety of mobility depends on the quality and performance of the tyre.
Governments all over the world have strict rules and regulations on the composition and construction of the tyre. The aim is to ensure the safety of passengers while preventing damage to the environment. Sustainability is the thrust. The tyre’s safety features are critical for safe travel as it is the only contact between the vehicle and the ground.
This view is now taking a new dimension following the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. Tyres are being embedded with chips making them intelligent. The chip constantly monitors the health of the tyre thereby adding greater safety and delivering optimum fuel usage.
Today, there is a plethora of tyre models: Smart tyres, 3-D printed tyres and run-flat tyres are products of state-of-the-art technologies. Testing them has concomitantly become more sophisticated.
Besides tread design, rolling resistance, grip and other parameters, tyre companies have to have their products tested to comply with increasingly tougher regulations. These cover not only rubber and elastomers, but also the chemicals and oils that go into tyre making. Stricter regulations on fuel consumption and use of environment-friendly raw materials have made tyre testing a challenge.
There are specialised agencies and equipment to test tyres. Because of the various elastomers and components that go into making the tyre, the demand for tough but flexible testing equipment technologies is scaling up. Tyre Asia’s special issues looks at the dynamics of testing technologies and presents to readers an array of articles on the subject that has been gaining importance with the disruption in mobility.
Testing is the critical issue that concerns tyre manufacturers all over the world. Here we provide a palate of expert opinions and comments from experts and equipment manufacturers.

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