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Michelin engineers bag European Inventor Award

Michelin engineers bag European Inventor Award

Two Michelin engineers have received the 2018 European Inventor Award in the ‘Industry’ category.

Agnès Poulbot and Jacques Barraud (now deceased) have been given this award for their invention of a new heavy tyre tread, Regenion.

According to the French tyre company, this self-regenerating tread evolves as the tyre is used. New, it is firm and rigid, improving tyre longevity and reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption. As the miles are traveled and wear begins, grooves hidden on the brand new tyre appear, ensuring a continuously high level of grip throughout the tyre’s lifetime. “This innovation was made possible by our expertise in 3D metal printing, which led to a geometric design,” said Michelin.

“If all Michelin Heavy Truck tyres in Europe had this technology, it would mean the equivalent of a month’s less CO2 emissions in a city like Paris,” said Agnès Poulbot

Michelin’s Regenion has been available in different ranges since 2013 and it helped Michelin to achieve ‘A grading’ for roll resistance in the truck tyre category. In 2016, the Group launched the first triple A convoy on the market, which helps trucks get 235 miles more out of every gallon. This makes it the most energy efficient tire in Europe.

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