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BKT celebrates 10th Earthmax anniversary

BKT celebrates 10th Earthmax anniversary
The company targets 10% market share in the All Steel radial segment of the global ORT market by 2025



BKT recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Earthmax line in Crete. On the occasion, BKT announced its target to achieve a 10% market share in the All Steel radial segment of the global ORT market by 2025.

The event was attended by BKT’s distributors and partners, in particular company owners, managers and marketing specialists.

Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director of BKT, who talked about the initial challenges entering the OTR All Steel radial segment, the methodical approach by means of three PDCA cycles for loader, rigid dumper, and Giant tyre development. “The development and production start of OTR Giant tyre has been possible after the strategic transfer of the entire OTR All Steel radial manufacturing line to our state-of-the-art production site in Bhuj in 2014-2015. The opening of the Bhuj production plant has been part of our overall strategy to gain a foothold in the global OTR tyre market and to strive for our strategic vision to reach a sales volume of 40,000 MT per year in the All Steel radial segment by 2020 worldwide on the path to meeting our strategic objectives to reach a 10% market share in OTR by 2025, when our Bhuj site will run at full capacity.”

Rajiv Poddar illustrated then a series of Case Studies as a reality check of the highly demanding conditions in the mining and construction sector, highlighting the importance of evaluating specific performance criteria in order to recommend the best solution from both a technical and a financial point of view, and the necessity of being ready to promptly intervene. In this context, the role of the on-site tyre service provider becomes essential. The company has already drawn up an overall service strategy, which will be adapted at a local level in cooperation with the distributors.

The Earthmax was launched for laoders in 2008, and today the Earthmax is BKT’s extensive range of All Steel radial OTR tyres designed to withstand operating conditions in quarries, mines and construction sites. Enhanced by the common feature of a strong All Steel structure conferring the tyre casing durability and excellent resistance against impacts, the Earthmax range of radial OTR tyres is ready to face and master any adversity. After the development of tyres for loaders followed by rigid dumpers, today also Giant tyres are part of the Earthmax tyre lineup.

During the  conference Arvind Poddar, President and Managing Director of BKT, said “Like building and constructing the Palace of Knossos was a great achievement and advancement in ancient times, similarly building and engineering our first Earthmax tyre has been a great achievement and advancement in modern times – a milestone in BKT’s history.”

Poddar explained how the company full of visionary spirit had seen the opportunity of entering the OTR segment against and despite the backdrop of the global crisis. “Earthmaxis a tool but also your mate in the most challenging operations that ensures safety, performance and quality, as well as time and cost savings. A true representative of our corporate history and values.”

The Conference concluded with a talk by  Dilip Vaidya, President and Director of Technology of BKT, who pointed out that he was not standing there to look back, but he was always focused on innovation and new technologies that would lead the company to the next level. He started to outline the mining sector as one of the toughest sectors on Earth. “In these rocky, abrasive and harsh environment, tyres are exposed to extreme mechanical stress and fatigue, to extremely heavy loads the toughest handling and transport conditions,” Vaidya explained.

Afterwards, Vaidya made mention of quality standards and measures and spoke about the unprecedented changes in technology at a global level. “We are searching into solutions to cope with sensor-assisted autonomous transportation, enhanced tyres and equipment integration systems, data flow and analytics optimization for increased productivity – all this in compliance with the megatrends of sustainability, diverse mobility, electrification, and safety,“ he explicated. With reference to these megatrends he pointed out the importance of sustainability: “While improving our products and enhancing technologies, it is our responsibility and also great opportunity and challenge to make our contribution to a mere sustainable future for everyone living on this planet.”

BKT has indeed, recently entered into a Joint Research Agreement with KULTEVAT, Inc., a leading US biotechnology company that is specialized in the cultivation and procession of TKS DANDELION as a renewable and sustainable alternative for natural rubber, which has become a critical material. After an experimental research stage, the supply of one metric ton of stabilized TKS RUBBER is provided by October 2019. “In addition to Lab optimization and manufacturing process trials on all of our tire ranges, we will also focus on compounding methods for the specific OTR segment,” Vaidya specified. Other ongoing projects are based on the development of high-performance compounds by means of nanomaterials or nanocomposites providing enhanced thermal and mechanical stability. Research in this field focuses on graphene, nanoclay and nanocellulose. In this context, also BKT’s recently opened carbon black manufacturing plant comes into play.


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