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BKT supports women empowerment

BKT supports  women empowerment

To highlight women empowerment in the diverse society and work culture, OTR major BKT came forward and supported a group of women who successfully scaled the Mount Everest.

The road leading to Mount Everest ranks among the most challenging roads in the Indian subcontinent.

The group, comprising five women, started the expedition in breaking existing barriers with a slogan, “Unified Voice for Equality” to ascend the Mount Everest’ on April 5 and completed June 4th.  This was the fist time BKT has supported a group of enthusiastic individuals and their cause to successful the expedition .

The team comprised of Rosha Basnet, Priya Laxmi Karki, Kalpana Maharjan, Rojita Buddhacharya, BP Koirala and Deuralee Chamling. The hardships they experienced during the expedition were real and life threatening but yet they overcame these challenges to successfully reach their goal, ‘the Peak’.

Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director, BKT said, “We have always believed that determination and equal opportunities can spur people to achieve the impossible and surpass all expectations. Women are the unacknowledged force behind industry, society and national progress. Our endeavour was aimed at acknowledging their unparalleled role in our lives. This initiative also involved highlighting the need to extend equal opportunities to women. These women accomplished something beyond their usual comfort zone by halting their daily routine to train and embark on this glorious expedition.”

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