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Skoda Kodiaq to roll on Yokohama tyre in Russia

Skoda Kodiaq to roll on Yokohama tyre in Russia

Yokohama Rubber has been supplying BluEarth-A-AE-50 tyres to Volkswagen subsidiary ŠKODA’s Kodiaq as original equipment since April 2018. The BluEarth-A-AE-50 tyres are being supplied in two sizes, 235/55R18 100V and 215/65R17 99V, for Kodiaqs to be sold in Russia. The Kodiaq is the second ŠKODA vehicle to come equipped with BluEarth-A-AE-50 tyres; ŠKODA OCTAVIA has come equipped with either 205/55R16 91V or 195/65R15 91H size BluEarth-A AE-50 tyres since November 2016.

The BluEarth-A-AE-50 tyres are fuel-efficient tyres featuring good wet grip and other functionalities that deliver superb driving performance and comfort in a wide range of road conditions. The BluEarth-A AE-50 tyres are highly regarded by Volkswagen, as evidenced by Volkswagen Group Russia’s use of the tyres on its Tiguan and Jetta as well as the Kodiaq and Octavia.

The BluEarth-A AE-50 tyres for all four vehicles are being manufactured at Yokohama Rubber’s Russian tyre manufacturing and sales subsidiary, LLC Yokohama R.P.Z. The subsidiary was established in December 2008 and began production by 2011-end, making Yokohama Rubber the first Japanese tyre maker to manufacture passenger car tyres locally in Russia. The Russian subsidiary has since increased its plant’s capacity to 1.6 million tyres a year, a 2.3-fold increase from the plant’s capacity at the start of operations in 2012.

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