HF ONE: Flexibility on a higher level

HF ONE: Flexibility on a higher level

Tyre building machines (TBM) from HF TireTech Group have for long initiated remarkable changes in the tyre making process with their innovative technology. One of the most notable features of HF TBMs is the high flexibility that they offer. The Group has taken flexibility to a higher level with its latest introduction HF ONE. The product was presented for the first time at the Tire Technology Expo 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

“HF ONE is a major mile stone in the evolution of TBMs as it is designed to support future tyre manufacturing and, on a higher level, e-mobility,” Dr. Jörn Seevers, Managing Director, told Tyre Asia in an exclusive interview.

Changes in the tyre market has always posed new challenges for tyre makers in the production processes. Dr. Seevers said that HF ONE perfectly answers to the changing market trends because it is developed with an eye on the possible future trends in tyre making.

The variety of tyres in the market is growing, especially for sizes larger than 17” which are now in great demand. Tyre makers are thus looking for machines that support faster production and quicker code corrections.

Quality requirements are constantly increasing, driven by the automotive industry not only as a result of tyre labelling, which has been mandatory in the EU and South Korea since 2012, but also due to the requirement to sign OE tire sizes visually on the sidewall. The above prerequisites will also increase in the coming years in other markets such as the US, China, Brazil and Japan as a result of the pending launch of the labelling regulation.

There is the need for extremely high levels of repetitive accuracy and quality. TBMs need to meet the requirements of manufacturing efficiency, particularly new tire designs.

The Group’s TBM team has been working on the development of HF ONE for over two years to ensure its adaptability to all kinds of tyre designs. The result has been greatly rewarding. The introduction of the machine at the Hannover Expo evoked very positive response from tyre manufacturers who visited the HF booth.

HF ONE can run three possible carcass drums. It enables quick change-over – less than 20 min – of different carcass drums without changing the shaft , he pointed out. The long-hub machine delivers high force and the servo is driven for symmetrical turn-up movements.

HF stressed that HF ONE answers to the need for ensuring the tyre’s top quality. There is less stress on ply due to flat turn-up. Some of the other operational features include separate IL and SW application, no ply ending in SW area due to C turn-up, constant cord length bead to bead, very accurate SW inboard edge application, ply-down to reinforce the carcass, and automation of former two-stage process with permanent bead control.

According to HF, the new TBM efficiently ensures tyre uniformity and enables material cost reduction. A major advantage, he said, is that it helps reduce tyre weight – one of the most important factors in automobile weight reduction, which helps energy conservation. There will be no sidewall cracks when tyre is in use due to elimination of ply ending in sidewall area.

HF`s TBM division has already successfully put HF ONE machines into operation and is set to meet future demands.

The reliability of HF’s TBM systems has been of the highest standards. The need for maintenance is very low. This is because all wear parts are inspected on a regular basis and exchanged in time when necessary. The group is constantly working on improvements and optimisation of its components so that the tyre makers’ systems remain technically up-to-date.

Since HF has a global presence, it’s services remain close to customers anywhere in the world.

Contact HF TBM division for more information:
Tel.: +49 40 77179-160
Email: [email protected]
Or visit: http://www.hf-tiretechgroup.com/hf-one/index.html

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