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Marangoni to focus on greener products

Marangoni to focus on greener products

The Marangoni Group continuously invests in technologies in order to meet the requirements of transportation fleets all over the world. It develops pre-cured treads, which is designed for the US market and winner of the Heavy Duty Trucking Top 20 Products award.

However, market demand continues to evolve: this is why Marangoni is now committed to finding solutions to create the compounds of the future, using cutting-edge materials and processes, some of which were unknown until a few years ago.

These innovations will improve the performance of Marangoni’s tyres and treads in terms of kilometres travelled and ensuring lower fuel consumption; this means creating even greener products that are consistent with the group’s vision, making a transition from a linear economy to a circular economy and ensuring a more efficient use of our planet’s resources.

“Marangoni goes beyond the traditional product sales approach, supporting fleets with an efficient tyre management and maintenance service. In this way, the cost per kilometre can be reduced by taking responsibility for several product life cycles,” says Vittorio Marangoni, President of Marangoni Group.

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