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Safe-Run: Global leader in technology for high-end tyre machinery making

Safe-Run: Global leader in technology for high-end tyre machinery making

Riding the wave of “Industry 4.0”, the era of smart manufacture has arrived. Safe-Run emphasises intelligent manufacturing, putting technology as its priority and the development of this technology at its core business, leading the industry in development and revolution.
Safe-Run is a world-leader in technology and the rapid development of high-end tyre manufacture machinery and equipment. Since its establishment, Safe-Run has focused on the development, production, and sale of tyre building machine including tyre building machine and curing press. Our products and technology now leads the industry globally.

Tyre building machine

Safe-Run’s tyre building machine is highly efficient, flexible, intelligent and automated. Its continuous development and new technology integrated in the product allows users to significantly lower production costs, raise product quality and quantity, and improve operational efficiency.

HPC100 PCR Uni-Stage Tyre Building Machine

The HPC100 is the newest generation of Safe-Run PCR tyre building machines. This product fulfills the majority of tyre manufacturing process requirements, with unparalleled product efficiency of up to 1500 tyres in one day.
This product integrates Safe-Run’s own research and development in automation and intelligent technology. Once the steel rims are put in place, the process is fully automated, and The HPC100 is equipped with the most advanced intelligent material precision technology in the world today, ensuring high precision fitting of materials onto the forming drum. At the same time, Safe-Run’s 3D visual inspection system guarantees the quality of the tyres produced.
Today there are over fifty tyre manufacturers in the world using semi-steel single-stage machine for tyre production, and Safe-Run’s accumulated industry experience gives it unparalleled leadership in uni-stage tyre machine industry.

SR-TPU Light Truck Tyre Building Machine (Two-Stage Process, Uni-Stage Building)

The SR-TPU light truck tyre building machine is mainly used for high-profile tyres such as those for SUVs, snow tyres, rainforest tyres and other specialty tyres (here collectively called ‘light truck tyres’). These tyres would conventionally have to pass through molding machines twice before being completed. This two-stage molding process is limiting, as it causes problems in production precision and transfer. On uni-stage equipment, due to limitations of the molding forms, it is difficult to complete the production. Therefore, Safe-Run has developed and integrated single-and dual-stage tyre building machines into one product.
Safe-Run’s commitment to research and development strives to meet market demand, and in the second half of 2017 it officially launched the SR-TPU light truck tyre building machine. This model has a two-stage single-mold design: this surmounts the issues of previous two-pass design in the molding drum all-round rolling rims, and can also offer single-stage molding, to avoid tyre transfer and manual operation, and ensure tyre uniformity and dynamic balance. High-profile tyres that cannot be formed in one-stage processing can also be completed. Compared with two-stage molding machines, this product covers a smaller area, allows more adjustment of specifications, requires fewer changes in tool parts, and is more convenient.

Hydraulic Curing Press

Safe-Run’s hydraulic curing press machines can be programmed through logic control software to enable automated operation. They can also be operated manually by the user, allowing adjustment of technical specifications and monitoring of manufacturing precision. In addition, Safe-Run’s hydraulic curing press machines are equipped with servomotors, have low power consumption and automated mold locking systems, allowing high production safety and efficiency and automatic adjustments of tyre specifications using the device sensors. Safe-Run’s curing press machine is widely recommended by customers for its high-precision, high-quality, stable and easy to use products.

Development and Production Base

Safe-Run’s development and production centre is located in China’s Jiangsu province, with an area of 130,000 square meters, and an annual output capacity of 150 tyre building machines and 500 curing press machines. Safe-Run’s headquarters meets international standards, is environmentally friendly, offering intelligent high-end equipment development and manufacturing.
Safe-Run is now working to build the perfect combination of automation, informatization, and efficiency for its smart factory, to improve industry and information integration.
The Safe-Run Group is an innovative leader in the high-end manufacturing industry, committed to leading the way in business model revolution, perfecting innovation, and truly realising the Industry 4.0 production revolution and the 2025 Made in China goals. Safe-Run advances the whole industry, innovating intelligent manufacturing.

(Appeared on February-March 2018 issue of Tyre Asia)

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