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Michelin Pilot Sport tyre for Formula E

Michelin Pilot Sport tyre for Formula E

Michelin has launched the new Pilot Sport tyre for the ABB FIA-Formula E championship season 5 (2018-2019) which starts in December 2018. The tyre will be unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The company claims that Michelin Pilot Sport is both lighter and more energy-efficient. The Michelin Pilot is like a road tyre due to its patterned tread and an interior diameter of 18 inches. The graphic design visible on sidewalls is the only sign which shows it is intended for racing.

“The new front Michelin Pilot Sport tips the scales at 2kg less, while the rear is 2.5kg lighter. That’s a saving of approximately 9kg – almost 20% – per set of four. Michelin has worked on the construction and rolling resistance of the latest-generation Michelin Pilot Sport to optimise its energy efficiency. The new tyre will consequently extend the range of the Formula E single-seaters, without sacrificing either performance or driver safety,” Michelin said in a statement.

The construction and the compounds selected for its tread conceal significant technological innovations that could well be carried over to production tyres in the future, it further said.

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