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Virginia Tech offers online course in Tire-Vehicle Dynamics

Virginia Tech offers online course in Tire-Vehicle Dynamics

The Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech is offering a short online course for the Tire-Vehicle Dynamics. The course commences on April 16, 2018, and the registration deadline will be April 13, 2018. The live lectures will run online for 13 days (daily two hours) starting at 8 am and ending at 10 am Eastern Standard Time.Topics covered under the course will be Tire Force and Moment Generation Mechanisms and Handle Performance Analysis, Footprint Mechanics, Finite Element Modeling of Tires, Rolling Resistance, Tire Materials and Ride Dynamics. People who have completed a Bachelor Degree in engineering, science, mathematics or similar course can apply.

“Engineers who are involved in research, development, design, synthesis, and or analysis of any part of the vehicle or tire will be benefitted from the course. Participants can gain knowledge about tire force and moment generation mechanisms, tire modelling and how to tune a tire for superior handling performance by attending the course. Fundamental principles which determine the handling performance of pneumatic-tired vehicles and the ride performance of these vehicles can be understood. Besides, attendees can understand tire footprint mechanics, tire rolling resistance and fuel economy properties, modelling the tire using Finite Element, tire material properties and their influence on performance and tire ride characteristics modelling and evaluation,” said Saied Taheri, Professor and Director, CenTiRe.


The registration fee will be $1095 for professionals and $495 for students (students must send a copy of valid student ID along with the registration form). For partial participation, applicants must indicate which days they will attend on the registration form and pay $300 per two days per participant. The payment for Day 13 is $150. The early bird registration discount will be applied prior to Friday, April 4, 2018. The discount is 10% for one participant, 20% for groups of 2-5, 35% for groups of 5-10, and 50% for groups of more than 10 attendees. Once the registration is completed, the presentation materials in PDF will be emailed. The lectures will be recorded and will be made available each day as needed, said CenTiRe in a statement.

For details-Saied Taheri: Phone: 540-818-1940, email-

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