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Marangoni to improve compounding system at Rovereto, Italy plant

Marangoni to improve compounding system at Rovereto, Italy plant

Retreading major Marangoni Group will carry out the technological improvement of the compounding system at the Rovereto plant in Italy in association with specialised company Lawer. The company will introduce the latest generation automatic metering solution proposed by Lawer at the plant. In 2015, Marangoni installed an advanced Intermix compounding system featuring rotors with the variable clearance at the facility.

“The industrial tyre sector is driven by the ever-changing demands of end users and by the very high speed of technological developments. As for the compound room of the Rovereto plant, this new generational leap will bring higher quality to our production. Once again, this investment also demonstrates that Marangoni sets the benchmark for businesses engaged in the innovation of production processes, such as Lawer, which aim to implement high-technology projects,” said Gianluca Merlo, head of Operations Italia at Marangoni.

Marangoni claimed that completion of this investment will further raise the quality and precision standards of a cutting-edge compounding system at national and international level.

“The development of the retreading market and the continuous search for greater benefits for customers have led the Marangoni Group to constantly invest in technologies to meet the demand for increasingly efficient compounds. Apart from responding quickly and effectively to market needs, we must continuously improve quality. These can be met also through the use of advanced technologies for the dosing, handling, management and checking of raw materials – such as those guaranteed by the Lawer Supersincro automatic meter,” Marangoni said in a statement.

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