The new di-block polymers from Versalis wins award at Tire Tech 2018

The new di-block polymers from Versalis wins award at Tire Tech 2018

The top-notch technology from Versalis for new butadiene-based di-block stereoregular polymers for the development of innovative compounds (BDSP) has won the ‘Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year’ at the Tire Technology International Awards 2018 as part of the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany, which concluded recently. In 2017, Versalis was awarded Environmental Achievement of the Year for the bio-butadiene (bio-BDE) technology developed in partnership with Genomatica.

The selection for the award was made by a panel of international tire industry experts, analysts, business members and academia.

“The BDSPs technology is meant to provide considerable benefits in particular to the tire industry, taking advantage of innovative features such as a noticeable reduction of fuel consumption and compliance with seasonal requirements. The use of this technology will contribute to a reduced environmental impact from aged tires, which will be more easily recyclable and have all the potential applications open to a wide range of commercial segments, both in thermoplastic and elastomeric areas,” said Versalis in a statement.

Developed as a strategic project within the Versalis’ Research and Development programme, the new di-block stereoregular polymers is a single polymeric chain that can be modulated during polymerization with an amorphous and a crystalline part, which makes the product capable of new applications and performances.

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