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Tyre rolling resistance measurement systems

Tyre rolling resistance measurement systems

The rolling resistance coefficient is essential to assess the fuel efficiency of a tyre. It is one of the three classifications needed for the EU Tyre Label: fuel consumption, wet grip and noise emission. The EU tyre labelling is having a higher impact thanks to the increasing e-commerce sales in the tyre industry. Furthermore, the delivery of accurate and repeatable results is becoming increasingly important due to the fact that rolling resistance coefficient measurement systems must be aligned through a network of reference laboratory machines according to the European Regulation EC (No) 1222/2009.

Test systems made by inmess, one of the leaders in manufacturing test systems for tyres, cover a great variety of test procedures required by tyre manufacturers. As a global supplier and partner of the automotive industry, inmess has more than 20 years of experience in the field of tyre, rim and complete wheel. Leading OEMs confide in inmess well known state-of-the-art technology. The rolling resistance measuring machines are one of the success stories of inmess GmbH. In 2001, the first rolling resistance measuring machine was delivered to Volkswagen in Mexico. Shortly after and with this experience in hand inmess was able to offer customers both torque and force rolling resistance measurement methods. Both methods have advantages that make them preferable (or less preferable) in specific situations. inmess rolling resistant measurement machines are a reference for known members of the European commission expert group in terms of laboratory alignment for the measurement of tyre rolling resistance. The alignment of an inmess rolling resistance measuring machine is very achievable, the experts have always shown to be clearly impressed by the quality of the measurement accuracy.

Compactness, robustness and measurement accuracy are unique characteristics of the inmess design. Almost all machine parts are designed and developed by the inmess engineering team, identifying and proving market available sensors and components belongs to the important day-to-day activities. This is the only way to achieve a repeatable measured accuracy at these high quality levels. Suppliers that can guarantee the manufacture of core components in a repeatable µm range have to be selected. All parts pass through an intensive quality control inspection, before being released for assembling. A user-friendly software is an essential element that rounds off the package, graphics and diagrams give an immediate insight into of the rolling resistance coefficient and classification of a measured tyre. Through the close cooperation with a variety of partners and tyre manufacturers, inmess recognizes that every user has his own expectations and recommendations as to how the interpretation of each measurement has to be evaluated. The software needs to be structured modularly so that every customer request can be followed up and will be easily implemented. A good database-management system to retrace old measurements is very important for the analysis of the quality results. Additionally, inmess provides the possibility to test multiple tyres at the same time.

Project management as well as a professional and sustainable service are one of the core competencies demanded by the market. inmess is more than just a provider of machines, customers need to be understood as a sustainable partner, an intense and individual training program for each customers, enabling them to gain a comprehensive knowledge and ownership of the machines needs to be created. This can be done either at the time of commissioning the machines or developed at later stage during production. With an increasing focus on Asian tyres being imported to Europe and America, inmess has seen the requirement to extend its international presence and network. Having already established local support in parts of Asia as well as most of the Americas, inmess decided to strengthen its footprint in the ASEAN countries by working together with partners who bring valuable long-term experience in the tyre industry.

(Published in February-March 2018 issue of Tyre Asia)

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