Taking Tire Mold Machining to the Next Level

Taking Tire Mold Machining to the Next Level

CAM developer OPEN MIND, based in Germany is one of the world’s leading providers of CAD/CAM solutions. Its cutting-edge CAM software hyperMILL helps tyre mold manufacturers worldwide to machine molds more efficiently than ever before. The tyre module of the hyperMILL CAM suite offers a wide range of highly efficient special functions for reliable programming and economic machining of tyre molds.

Automation, milling strategies and special functions guarantee a simplified and efficient programming process, including details such as sipe grooves and stone ejectors. At the heart of the tyre module is the Tire Clock, where the tyre’s design is defined with all segments, tracks, pitch sequences and pitches. Automated functions support the creation and management of the elements and geometries required for programming. The user can display the suitable geometry for each operation in order to avoid errors and this means that each pitch only has to be programmed once. The Multiple Track Support function ensures complete freedom as the tracks can be arbitrary in number or orientation. Furthermore, the track and segment directions are independent of each other. Both 180 degree rotated copies and mirrored copies are possible.

Tire browser for convenient programming

An important tool for managing the preparation and programming of tyre elements, such as pitch geometry or global geometry is the Tire Browser. The hyperMILL integrated browser delivers an overview and is very convenient for automatically showing associated geometry or quickly creating and managing programming tasks.

Efficient programming: One continuous process

Efficient tyre manufacturing requires a powerful CAD system, the right CAM strategies and a high degree of automation in one system. OPEN MIND developers were taking this into account and the tyre module considers all aspects, from the CAD file right through to the finished mold. hyperMILL users never have to leave the programming environment, as the solution offers CAD preparation, programming, simulation, post-processing and tool management within the hyperMILL tyre module.

High degree of automation

Combined usage of the tyre clock and browser supports CAD preparation and programming almost automatically. Furthermore, hyperMILL automatically calculates collision-free tool positions and orientations.

Intelligent feature technology makes programming unbelievably convenient. HyperMILL offers fully developed feature technology for machining work that ranges from 2.5D up to 5-axis. Characteristic geometries can be defined as special features and it is possible to access standard machining sequences from a macro database. Feature technology and macro database accelerate programming. The high degree of automation enables enormous time savings and companies benefit from established, standardized and reproducible processes.

hyperMILL MAXX Machining: Time savings up to 90%

For tyre manufacturers striving for optimal production performance, OPEN MIND offers itshyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package. The unique package comprises three separate powerful modules that help companies realize significant optimisation potential in roughing, finishing and drilling applications. Strategies for high-performance cutting tasks ensure extremely fast material removal with trochoidal toolpaths. Innovative finishing strategies for conical barrel cutters allow extremely fast machining with equivalent or significantly higher surface qualities. The large radii of the conical barrel cutter make step-over distances of 6 and 8mm possible. The ball mill tip on this barrel cutter is also very well suited for machining corner radii. This means that there is no longer a need to switch cutters in order to finish adjacent areas such as rounded interior corners. The drilling tools tilted in the cutting direction can drill holes quickly and easily, even in materials that are difficult to machine and without the need for a pre-drilled hole. Manufacturers that use these innovative CAM strategies will be able to achieve time savings of up to 90 per cent during finishing and time savings of up to 75 per cent during roughing.

Programming in hyperMILL is simple and convenient for users. The user only needs to click the surfaces to be machined and the position of the cutter is automatically generated. Naturally, the entire machining sequence is automatically checked for collisions. Companies using the strategies in the hyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package benefit in several different ways: short production times, increased tool life, the need to use fewer tools, the highest degree of process reliability and optimal surface quality.

More safety during machining

Better safe than sorry! This is what the fully automatic collision checking and avoidance are for. hyperMILL detects collisions and provides powerful solutions for avoiding collisions during 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining. A collision-free tool angle is calculated automatically for 5-axis simultaneous machining. The user can decide which axis of rotation should be prioritised in collision avoidance depending on the machine kinematics.

The machine simulation feature in hyperMILL allows users to verify that processes are safe before the final NC program is created. In addition, hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining Center allows users to create a simulation that is based on the NC code. The collisi­on check takes place after each post-processor run. This is generated directly in the NC program – ensuring maximum pro­cess safety.

hyperMILL: Efficient and reliable CAM programming

hyperMILL is one of the world’s most powerful CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming. The system provides extremely flexible and powerful CAM strategies that allow manufacturers to achieve quality, time and cost targets much more quickly, even on challenging parts. hyperMILL offers innovative strategies for 2.5D, 3D as well as 5-axis milling/mill turning, and machining operations like HSC and HPC in one single user interface.

OPEN MIND is one of the world’s leading developers of powerful CAM solutions. The company designs optimized CAM solutions that include a high number of innovative features not available elsewhere to deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. The CAD/CAM solutions of OPEN MIND fulfil the highest demands in the automotive, tool and mold manufacturing, production machining, medical, job shops, energy and aerospace industries. OPEN MIND is represented in all key markets in Asia, Europe and America, and is a Mensch und Maschine company.

(Published in February-March 2018 issue of Tyre Asia)

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