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Bainite’s Inner Liner Line

Bainite’s Inner Liner Line

The modern day tyre technology is undergoing a high degree of technology improvements due to demands from vehicle manufacturers, end users and law enforcements for higher safety standards. To match the demand of continuous improvement from vehicle manufacturers and law enforcement agencies, modern day tyres are undergoing tremendous quality and technology improvements. Recent development in this regard is Inner Liner Line. As the name indicates, Inner Liner is the innermost layer of tyres .
In most of the lines, two or three layers of rubber can be assembled at the same time and in hot condition leaving no air pockets between the layers.
Bainite had developed its first Inner Liner Line in 2014 for a very reputed tyre company. There are multiple assemblies which could be performed in Inner Liner Line. 2×2 Roll Calendar with Feeding Extruders ensures quality rubber sheets. The Calender is equipped with modern technologies like:

1.Variable Frequency Drive

2.Nip Controls Hydraulically

3.Automatic Thickness Control System

4.Linear Variable Digital Transducer

5.Roll temperature Control through individual temperature control units

6.The four rolls are individually driven for variable friction ratio between Rolls etc.

Jacketed type Spiral Cooled Cooling Drums are being provided for optimal cooling. Imported Tensioning and Centering Systems ensure the very tight tolerances achieved between the two or more Rubber sheets assembly.
This line can assemble Inner Liner with Transition Liner and also Ply with two Chafer at a accuracy of +/- 1 mm without any Air Entrapment. The Chafer Dispensor unit ( 2 x Chafer applications at a time) with automated centering mechanism and with high resolution cameras to ensure high accuracy and very high performance.

Functions of the Inner Liner

1. To maintain the pressure of air inside the tire throughout

2. To prevent leakages

3. To protect the Tire from effects of air inside

4 .To control heat build up

5. To minimize deflection

The Inner Liner should be of impermeable and good quality compound to achieve the above functions. Therefore the Inner Liner sheets should be:

1. Controlled Gauge

2. No surface defects
Complete assembly goes to Wind Up station where Sheets get wound with Liner Let Off Tension Control and Centering System. Two winding stations are provided to ensure continuous operation. Loop Controls and Dancer Mechanism are provided for Synchronisation of different Layers.

The Inner Liner Line is
a) Most Modern; b) User Friendly; c) Fully Automated; d) Synchronous System e) High Productivity : Without Chafer up to 35 MPM and with Chafer – 28 MPM.

Bainite has designed and developed Inner Liner Lines for;
1.Passenger Car Tyres PCR,

2.Truck-Bus Radials – TBR,

3. Two Wheeler Tyres & Tubeless Tyres

4.Off the Road Radial Tyres

(Published in February-March 2018 issue of Tyre Asia)

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